Hive Gaming Community Daily Curation Project - 25/09/2021

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Hive Gaming Curation Report

Welcome to another installment of Hive Gaming Curation.

Many are lovers of tactical shooters, games where you not only have to shoot and kill, using your head and strategizing is also important. Valorant teaches us that, it is true that sometimes there are unbalanced weapons like the famous shotguns, but little by little they receive adjustments.

We all want to travel in time, in Chrono Trigger we can enjoy multiple trips and a story of unparalleled quality. It's good to see that consoles like the NDS are still the favorite consoles of many, as well as its incredible titles like Dragon Quest V.

Sometimes in order to succeed you have to take risks, Microsoft bet big and succeeded, thanks to this we have Xbox, a pretty good system that is preferred by many gamers. Even young amateurs took the risk and marked the beginning of a new era, videogames in Spain.

If you are a farm lover, you can dedicate yourself to expand your farm and generate rewards. dCrops is a NFT game that allows you to do so. Stay away from World of Warcraft, it is a game that will consume your time and sleep, I say this from experience. It would be interesting to go back to a private server to have a different experience.

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@purapapitaValorant el mejor shooter, sin las escopetas JAJAJ 🔫 Valorant the best shooter, without shotguns HAHAH 🔫

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@lionsaturbixLeene Rescued, Merle Comes Back To Life, Time Travel in The World of Cronno Trigger / Super Nintendo / (ENG/ESP)

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@ahmadmangaGaming Snaplog: Memories with Dragon Quest V

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@therealflawsMicrosoft's crazy bet on videogames and the development and birth of Xbox, a videogame story

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@deanlogicExpanding My Digital Farm

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@kaelciWorld of Warcraft ~ Acension, Iron Man Mode... DEATH!

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@burnoutawesomeHow some young amateurs marked the start of the videogame industry in Spain

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