Hive Gaming Community Daily Curation Project - 28/06/2020

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Welcome Hive Gamers! We are back with our curation project and our Daily Curation Reports!

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@guubadoopStar Wars KOTOR #14 Kashyyyk (Part 2).
@nakobiaLife is Strange 2 Review
@badpupperBold, Brash, and Battlefront II [1]
@arsalan64Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone - Gameplay - Plunder - Part 69 - GTX 1660 - PC
@seanytanDDR A - Possession [Single Difficult 14]
@thepeacookBeat Saber - Omoi – Teioh Education - 935,369 : 73.2%
@dagamersVimm plays: Pokémon SoulSilver - day 7/9
@manwojciechJungle Lee Sin - League of Legends Ranked Solo/Duo Queue
@schubesBRAH IS THAT MELEE! - Melee and chatting with friends
@sadbear🐻🚀New Cave Accessories By SadBear🎮⚡💻🖥/🐼🚀Nuevos Accesorios para la cueva By SadBear 🎮⚡💻🖥
@zeruxanimeFinal Fantasy VII CD1 Parte 7 Mercado muro
@triverseDiablo II Turns 20 Years Old Today
@triverseStreet Fighter Alpha 3 Flawlessly Ends Trilogy of Arcade Games – June 29th, 1998 - Today in Video Game History
@vrabaSplinterlands - Selenia Sky and a couple of surprised victories
@awesomegames007Doom - Isabelle is abusive bro...
@ramsesuchihaWhy should we play Ratchet and Clank remastered ? - review analysis [ENG][ESP]



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