GUIDE: Getting PS5 Remote Play working on Steam Deck so you can play PS5 games in bed

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So I have a problem. When I sit in the lounge room to play Final Fantasy XVI, the cat comes and sits on my lap. all of sudden, I find myself falling asleep. It is something that has occurred without fail. I blame the cat and the highly luxurious setting of the lounge room.

Perhaps I'm just finding Final Fantasy XVI boring, I'm not sure. I wanted to try and get it running on my Steam Deck via remote play, so at the very least, FFXVI can be an insomnia cure in bed.

Good news, there's an app for that!

How to play PS5 on your Steam Deck when you're on the some Local Area Network:

  1. Switch Your Steam Deck to Desktop Mode
  2. Open the Discover Store
  3. Search for, and install an application called "Chiaki".
  4. Run Chiaki.
  5. Turn on Your PS5
  6. You'll see your IP address pop up. Connect.
  7. In the dialog box, you need your PSN id, and a remote play code.
  8. To get your PSN id in the format Chiaki wants go to:
  9. Type this in.
  10. On your PS5, enable remote play, put in the rolling 2FA code, and you're live!
  11. Exit Chiaki on Desktop Mode.
  12. Open the Steam Client on the Steam Deck's desktop mode
  13. Games > Add Non Steam Game > Chiaki
  14. Switch back to gaming mode

Voila! FFXVI, and indeed any other PS5 game, on your Steam Deck.

I turned off HDMI control on my PS5 so I could turn off my TV and home theatre system without having it blaring while remote playing my PS5 on the Steam Deck.

This will only work while you're on the same Local Area Network. You can also use the desktop client of Chiaki to play on your full fledged PC, too!

2023, what a time to be alive!

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Thanks as always for your time!


I guess you usually fall asleep because you are comfortable with the cat sleeping on your lap...

Bookmarking this just in case I get a Steam Deck one day.

The above tutorial also works with other devices, just install Chiaki for that device. There's an android version too :)

I love it so much that with their help we can comfortably play the game sitting on top of our bed. When things like this happen, people love them a lot.