The futile Dungeon Siege 2 campaign is over, long live Children of Morta

in Hive Gaming7 months ago

After about 17 sessions of Dungeon Siege 2, we're now done with both it, and its expansion Broken World. Overall, Dungeon Siege 2 did not age very well, and as a result; it became a really big slog right at the end. It was painful and difficult to get through to the end, but we ended up "speed running" through the last bits - which still took longer than expected.

Eventually, though, we were met with the final credits scene, and then jumped immediately into Children of Morta, which has a captivating art style, interesting music, and excellent narration.

It's already pulled at both mine (and Krystal's heart strings) with an early scene, and I'm looking forward to continuing our journey next week.

Until then, enjoy!

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What were those things that you were shooting at?

The way you described it and this game we saw in the video is very interesting and I will definitely start playing it in the near future.