Apex Legends GamePlay. Gun Game & Team Deathmatch: Respawn.

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Hello Guys,

I'm back again to share a gameplay of me playing Apex Legends Mobile. I've explained everything about this game in my previous posts. So, this will be about gameplay only. And I've played a new mode this time for the first time so I'll include some infor about it.

Previously I've shared my review and gameplay about Battle Royale, Hack and Team Death match Mode. But, recently there was a update in Apex Legends and I saw that they added a new mode called Gun Game and a fee new maps. I've played this mode before in PUBG Mobile so I know how it works. But the problem was I can't play with most of the guns in Apex Legends. First reason is I'm new and another is I only play with the guns that I like. So, it was hard me to play with a new gun each time I gain a kill point. It was like I get comfortable with a gun after shooting a few rounds and then I kill a enemy and boom. The gun changes and I get to play with a new gun about which I don't know anything. But the mode was fun to play and I believe these problems will be solved if I play it more and gather more experience about the guns. You'll notice me not being able to do good and getting killed in the match because of this reason. So I decided to change it and play a normal TDM mode just to bring the fun back.

  • I've uploaded the gameplay video in my YouTube channel and sharing the video from there below:

I hope you liked my gameplay. I'll be back soon with something more amazing. Till then stay tuned.

Thank You.

The End.


Okay.. Soooo I didn't know apex was on mobile as well now!.. Honestly that's one game I have not yet tried😝😝 it looked.. A bit competitive

Yes, it's quite hard to play even if I'm using a new account. Hope to play the PC version too after buying a GPU for my pc.

If I may.. Try using palnet in the first 5 tags of your post.. You might be seen by appreciator then. Atleast i think so

Hey man, thanks a lot. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for letting me know.
One question, will it be okay if I edit and add it?

Im not sure.. I doubt anyone would know... However I dont think you can edit tags? But if you can change it why not?.. But unlikely 😂😂