Exploring The Rest of The Faith's Region and Destroying Remaining Shrines. Far Cry 5.

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Hello Everyone.

In my last gameplay, I shared some intense battle moments and fights. Then I planned to explore the map and destroy the remaining shrines. Cause there were 16 of them and I was able to only destroy 10 before Faith interrupted me with her bliss power. I also needed to explore the map to prepare for the Drug War mission by knowing their drug production and the supply spots.

Screenshot (808).png

This whole gameplay is all about driving around and adventures. And not about any specific missions or battles and that's why I'd like you to just watch the gameplay and enjoy it instead of explaining every moment using screenshots. Watch it from the link given below and enjoy:-\

I hope you enjoyed the gameplay. Let me know in the comments.

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Thank You


One of my favourite series :) would replay this again anytime!