Finally Put An End To Faith's Era Of Madness. Far Cry 5.

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Hello Everyone.

My last gameplay was a tragic one. It emotionally got me. But, now it's time to take my revenge. After the rescue mission, I entered the bliss and met faith there. The sheriff was there too. And she was telling me how wrong I did by not joining her and interrupting her.

Soon that turned into a fight with Faith and finally, it was time to put an end to her era of madness. But, fighting her was not easy. She was teleporting from one place to another and using some sort of bliss power to attack and I was taking lots of damage every single time. You can see my life bar on the bottom right corner of the first image and guess the situation. And to make matters worse, she was creating illusional clones and soldiers to attack me too. While I was fighting them, she was attacking me from my blind spots. And even though I was using a LMG I had to reload time after time cause I had to continue shooting all the time and yet there were too many to kill.

After running out of ammo I took a shotgun and that helped a lot to put some real damage into her thanks to the ammunition supply that popped up I was able to kill her and finish the mission. I couldn't even count how many times my health bar was almost empty. And finally, I was able to finish her. Though she gave me a warning while dying.

After that, I went inside her bliss factory where she used to produce the bliss and was also keeping the sherrif. But the path was full of illusion and enemies.

I found him but he was still under the control of that bliss drug and he was trying to kill himself. But somehow he managed to inform me that he could be saved if I could stop the bliss supply at the right time. Now it's time to hurry up and finish the fully for the good.

Screenshot (708).png

But the place was full of heavily armed enemies. Including snipers and machine guns. I just needed to turn the main supply off and by trying to do that I died 3 times while fighting the guards. I even tried using grenades but it was no good. And it was pissing me off cause I had to start from the beginning every single time and you may be watching it in a separate post but I played the whole part from destroying Joseph's statue till now in a row. A full 4 hours of gaming.

Screenshot (713).png

But, turning off the supply wasn't enough for me. I just saved the sheriff by doing that but the pumps are constantly running and pumping and the pipeline would burst if I didn't stop those pumps. So, even if I stopped the supply from the storage tank, that'd be no good.

The same happened when IO was trying to destroy the pumps. There were too many enemies to kill and I died a few times destroying those pumps and then trying to get out of the place.

And after all those hours of gameplay and a lot of sacrifices. It's complete Finally.

Screenshot (725).png

There's a lot more to see, discuss, and enjoy in the actual gameplay. So, I'd like to suggest you watch that. I'll put it below.

I hope you liked both my post and gameplay. I'll be soon back with my new missions of Far Cry 5 in the other remaining regions. Till then, stay tuned.

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Thank You


this part of the game is a real blast

You'll find more intense moments like this in the future. Hang on tight mate

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