Intense & Horrific Battle Experience in Far Cry 5.

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Hello Everyone.

In my previous post and gameplay, I show you how I liberated the Sacred Skies Youth Camp last. It was a hell of an intense battle and when it was finally over. I got a new mission from the resistance group in charge of that place. I also completed a few more major missions and that is what I'll be talking about in my post today.

So, the first mission I got was to kill a cougar that was a lab rat of the cult scientists. They messed up so much with it and pushed so much drugs on it that even getting near it can make you hallucinate. I was also informed that all the teams that were sent to kill it also went missing. So, I started my journey toward this new mission. But, a lot more happened on the way, and let's discuss that first.

I tried to spawn my shopper but it didn't appear because of some glitch I guess. Then I took a car and started traveling but while taking a shortcut, I accidentally fell off the cliff and lost the car in the river. Just after crossing the river, I was attacked by a wolf and a lion and there was also a high mountain in front of me that I needed to cross. It was really high and took quite some time to reach the top.

Screenshot (442).png

After reaching the top, I got to a place called Jones Residence. I found two dead cult members lying there and another hanging on a pillar. That was quite a horrific situation. But, there fact there were a lot of animals in that place and you can say it was crawling with animals. I was almost out of ammo already but gladly I found a seller nearby and purchased the required items from her.

Screenshot (443).png

I killed a lot of animals and collected the loot from them. There was a hidden bunker in that place where I found a lot of loots and a flame thrower gun including a TV showing a broadcast of The Marshal with Faith. He was still saying the bullshits that she put into his mind.

I took the flame thrower and killed some more with it. It was amazing how the grass and trees were also burning. I also messed up a bit with the companion I had by trapping her in the fire. It was kind of fun too.

When I got back to the place to take my rifle back, I saw that there were a few cult members there with a cult VIP too. But, thanks to the flame thrower, it wasn't much tough to kill them. I was planning to take the buggy that they brought to go the place but I was engaged again killing the wild animals and went too far to come back for the vehicle and continued on foot. And after a while, I got to the location finally.

Screenshot (448).png

That place was really creepy and with the thrilling music added it was like a horrific situation. I saw the cougar just when I reached there but as soon as I shot at it I realized that it was only an illusion. Then I got attacked by many more animals and after killing them they only vanished in the air. That cougar was sending all those illusions to me to make me run out of ammo and after killing all those animals on the way I was already short on ammo.

But, I saw some ammo and a weapon box far away and decided to take the risk to come out of my cover to reach there. When I reached there I found enough ammo including a SMG. That SMG was really helpful for me.

After getting the SMG I was attacked a few more times. But it was taking too long to track the cougar and there was the possibility of getting ambushed by the cougar. So, I decided to tackle both of the performance booster drugs and I covered the area faster. I was able to spot the cougar but as soon as I got close I was ambushed by a lot of Bisons. It was tough to kill all of them, my SMG even got out of ammo. I got injured a lot too.

Then that happened what I feared. The Cougar was disguised as one of the bison and I was ambushed all of a sudden. I was already low on health so I ran away from the spot and took some med kits instantly to heal my health. If it weren't for the energy boosters, I'd be already dead. Even after that, it was quite hard to kill the cougar finally.

And then I got info from one of the resistance members who was also present during the fight with the cougar. There's a place called Josep's Conservatory where they're researching the bliss drug and trying to develop its power. The flower drugs are already too much powerful as it is and it's necessary to stop that research. The location was quite far away and took me a while to reach there. When I was there, I noticed that there were too many enemies there for me to kill.; So, I made some targets to eliminate first and used my gun for hire to kill them first. But, she got knocked down and I had to enter in order to revive her and engage in an all-out battle.

It was already so hard to fight all those enemies all at once and even in that situation that fool gun for hire kept coming in front of me putting herself in my line of fire and getting knocked out every single time. Reviving her made it even harder. I was knocked down a few times too even with taking the energy booster drugs.

After I liberated the place I got a radio call from the sheriff telling me to burn the bliss fields. The guy that researchs them is named Phenny and it was a decoy to bring him in and eliminate him. From his back story, I'm guessing that he's the father of that junkie I met before who made me the energy boosters. However, Phenny got away on the chopper and now my new mission is to kill him.

This part was completely a new experience for me including a lot of new parts. And after killing the cougar it really got the attention of Faith and she ordered all the Chosen One's (Faith's Trusted Army) to eliminate me at all cost. Seems like the future missions aren't going to be easy to complete. Hope you liked my post, I uploaded my gameplay to my YouTube channel and shared the link below from there. I hope you'll also like the gameplay. I only explained the main missions in the post and there are a lot more to see in the gameplay. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Thank You

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A very good gaming experience dear @itadori-yuji.

Thank you very much for sharing your gaming adventures!

Cordial regards!

A pretty intense fight, but it looks incredible. I have ALWAYS liked the Far Cry series precisely because of its rawness! The last one I played was 3 and it was pretty good too! Thanks for sharing!

Great play. @tipu curate 10