Josep's Statue Destroyed. Faith Gone Mad. Far Cry 5

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Hello Everyone.

Please stay tuned till the last cause this gameplay video and post have something really special. I just made some moves and there's no coming back after doing these. Faith is pissed as hell and appointed her whole army just to find and eliminate me. Fighter planes were chasing after me one after another no matter where I was. On foot, helicopter, or in a car. Now, why this sudden change in this situation you may ask? Keep reading or watch my gameplay.

The gameplay began with my first big mission. Faith has occupied the water supply of Hope's County and she's using it to mix the bliss drug into the water she was planning to control all the civilians one by one using this method. I needed to put a stop to this. Cause, if she was successful in doing that, there'd be no stopping her. As expected the place would be heavily guarded and thus I used the mounted machine gun on my helicopter and the bombs to clear out as many enemies as possible before I landed.

But, there were still more of them even after I landed and it wasn't much tough to finish them off. Now I needed to turn off the supply motors that were pushing the infected water. I knew that the motors were inside the warehouses but there was no way to enter. In the end, I figured that all those warehouses were getting the water supply from the main tank and when I got down there I saw that the pipelines were big enough for someone to swim and reach there. I reached the first pump and used a gasoline tank to blow it.

But, that triggered the situation and more and more reinforcements were coming to stop us. I got down the tank as soon as possible but that place was like a maze and it felt impossible to reach the main destination cause I was ending up in the same warehouse each time. And my partner also got knocked down and I had to come up to revive her and I also got engaged in the fight. Anyway, after clearing more of them I got a chance and got down again. This time I tried to follow the small details and tried to avoid the ones I remember and I was finally able to stop it. There was more fighting and stuff you'll be able to see them in the gameplay video.

Screenshot (590).png

And just when I fully finished the mission, I heard the news that the situation was turning really bad at Fall's End. But, it was really far and even out of Faith's region. It was at John's region. I took my helicopter and started my journey. I was attacked twice by two fighter planes it was tough to eliminate them cause my helicopter machine gun was also low on ammo and my gun too. Cause I started the journey right after I finished a huge battle.

So, I landed a little far away and tried to be sneaky and kill as many as possible. Cause I was low on ammo, meds, and other tactical gear too. It'd be suicide to engage in an all-out battle. I was doing good so far but I wasn't aware that they had air support and my location got pinned because of a fighter plane. Thanks to the LMG I was able to hold it off for a while but soon that got out of ammo too. At this point, you'll notice me using my automatic pistol in single-fire mode and it was to save ammo. But, sooner I got my hands on a rifle and that helped a lot too. And finally, I got my hands on a mounted machine gun and was able to shoot down the plane. I killed the remaining enemies in the process and there were two remaining and I killed them too afterward.

The screenshots below contain the summary of the story. Watch the gameplay for details.

Screenshot (613).png

After liberating the place there was a lot of appreciation I got and they were celebrating the win. After that, I decided to return and use the fast travel mode this time. And then I came to the county jail. There I tried to talk to the Marshal to check on in condition but his mind was still messed up. But, afterward, I got the biggest mission in the game till now. And it was a "BADASS" type mission. The mission was to destroy the gigantic statue of Joseph Seed. The statue that we've been seeing from the very beginning of the gameplay. I was a scary one but since my goal is to destroy all of them, this should be done.

I purchased all the tools and ammo I needed and started the journey towards DRUNK. There's a funny reason behind saying DRUNK. I got drunk for the first time in any game. I finished 3 full alcohol bottles and everything was blurry, bouncing and I was seeing everything multiple times. Somehow I got on the helicopter and started the journey.

Just as soon as I was close to the statue I got attacked by a plane and after eliminating it I tried using the machine gun and the bombs to destroy the statue and all attempts failed. So, I landed a little far and then engaged in a strategic battle trying not to grab unwanted attention.

The place was crawling with enemies as expected and thanks to the ammunition supply boxes I was able to continue my mission. Most of all, after playing this game for months, I now have an idea about how the NPCs act in situations and how the battle format works and that's why I was able to survive the mission. and as a special mission, I won't explain all the details and would request you to watch the video and get the real experience.

Things got heated after I used an RPG and destroyed the statue. The battle happened in so much rush that I got no specific moment to take screenshots cause none of the ones were good enough and I'd want you to watch this intense battle.

Now my mission was to climb to the top of the statue to destroy a book of Joseph Seed that is considered their holy book. I climbed and climbed but it felt like there was no end. And with that, each floor was crawling with enemies heavily armed. Damn, that was a hell of an experience.

And after I reached close to the top Faith sent 5 helicopters to eliminate me and stop me from destroying the book. Luckily there were lots of ammunitions and heavy weapons inside the statue and I was able to use them to destroy all those choppers. Beaten Faith at her own game.

Climbing up was tricky as hell too. After the chest part it was kind of like puzzle solving to turn on the proper switch to bring the stair down and then sending it up to bring another one. Things even got trickier at the head part. It was destroyed and you'd need to jump between steel infrastructure which was thin as hell. And if I fell I'd have to start the whole mission again and play the whole 40-minute intense battle again.

And I fell too, but luckily I caught onto a steel board and climbed up. Finally, I was able to find the book and burn it. Now I guess you can just imagine how angry Faith has become. Wait till my next post to learn what is going to happen.

It felt peaceful and relaxed while burning it but all of a sudden I started hearing soldiers shouting at me from the bottom................

Screenshot (641).png

The whole gameplay and writing this post, both were intense cause my midterm exam was ongoing and I barely had time to play and then write a post about it. I just hope that you like it. I uploaded the gameplay video to my YouTube channel and here's the video:-

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