Medical Research Mission. Things Are Getting Intense. Far Cry 5.

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Hello Everyone.

Welcome to my blog again. It's another one of my Far Cry 5 gameplay blogs. Now, things have taken a great turn after killing Pheeny. You saw that in my last gameplay. Now, traveling on the road is tough. The cult army is putting most of the focus on just killing me and getting the revenge they want.

My last mission ended by rescuing the Marshal from Faith and bringing him to the county jail where the resistance had made their camp. I was looking around for a new mission and then bumped into the doctor who gave me my new mission.

The mission was to help him out with new research. He made out a new "treat" specially for the animals that were drugged by the cult and solved the issue. So, the mission was to get to a camp and run the test on some SKUNK that was used by the cult for research.

Screenshot (566).png

After the test began, the blissed cult zombies started attacking them and I had to kill them. Then the doc. called me on the radio to tell me that there were some mistakes in the research and told me to kill the skunks and get one of their skin so that he could complete his research.

There was something else he also needed for his research. It was 3 undamaged Grizzly Bear Skin. But, there was no nearby spot for those bears and I had to fly off to a new region in search of them. There was a resistance camp just near the spot so I liberated it too. And just as I said in the beginning, I was their main target and I had to fight a few fighter planes on my way there. Thanks to the built-in machine gun in my helicopter, I was able to get there safely. Also, the planes were kind of old models and that's probably why it was easier to shoot them down.

Now it was time to kill and collect the bearskin. But, it was tough to find this specific race of bears and that place was crawling with the enemy. As it was a new region and I hadn't done any missions there, there were all the enemies that could be. It was tough to run around but not grab their attention. I had multiple fights with them in this part.

Screenshot (581).png

Meanwhile, I found a nice arcade game while doing the mission. it was fun but tough too. I wasn't able to complete it and gave up after a while.

Screenshot (584).png

This gameplay has an insane amount of fights and I spend a lot of my time trying to reach the place. That's why I decided to only write the main topics in my post and enjoy the gameplay fully. I've uploaded the video to my YouTube channel and will share it below. I hope you're going to like it.

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Your journey in this game continues to be action-packed and full of surprises. I'm still looking forward to start playing a Far Cry game and I guess I'll start from this FC5 because the graphics of this game fascinates me the most.

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