Nightwolf Beats Frost, Kollector, Geras And Sindel. Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate.

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Hello Guys.

I recently bought 2 controllers. These are from Fantech and the model is GP13. The sole purpose of buying them was to play Mortal Kombat with my friends. Honestly, I've been playing a lot for the last few days. And after getting them I also cleared up the first chapter of the Conquer version. These are story-mode matches. Playing these helps you to know the Mortal Kombat storyline better if you haven't played any of the games from this saga before or haven't watched any of those movies.


So, I was so into it that I finished the first chapter at once. It was hard and time-consuming, but I was enjoying it so much that I didn't even notice. And then I decided to record chapter 2 and share it with you. I'll be sharing those matches part by part.

And I'll give you a hint if you're new to this game, it gives you a character and then you have to fight the other character according to the primary Mortal Kombat storyline, game storyline, and rivalry. So, the first character in chapter 2 is Night Wolf and this post is to share his battles.

I uploaded the gameplay to my YouTube channel and sharing it below from there:-

I hope you liked and enjoyed the matches. Stay tuned for more.

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Thank You


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This game has gone a long way, the last time I played this was "Mortal Kombat II". Aside from NightWolf do all characters have their story mode?

Yes, And I'll share them soon one by one. However, it won't be all of them cause I played the first chapter and didn't record it.