PHEENY'S Assassination - Rescued MARSHAL From Faith's Capture. FAR CRY 5

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Hello Everyone.

Damn, my last gameplay was really an intense one. Wasn't it? This one is to complete the missions that remained to be finished last time. As you may remember my last mission was to burn the Bliss research facility and then kill a man named Pheeny who was helping Faith to conduct that research. And this is where today's gameplay begins from.

Since it was an assassination mission, I wanted to play with a sniper rifle. Also in the last mission I used one and it was really effective in swift kill and not drawing the attention of other cult members. I also made some upgrades and customized the gun to my preference.

Screenshot (505).png

As expected, the sniper rifle was really useful in the battle to kill the enemies silently. And because of the upgraded scope, I was able to shoot from a farther distance. Even after killing all the soldiers, I was unable to find Pheeny. His location was shown on the ground near the helicopter. You'll also notice me throwing a Molotov cocktail at the helicopter trying to kill him. But, it was still no help. And just then I realized that there may be an underground bunker and he's hiding there.

Screenshot (532).png

After searching for a while I was able to find the bunker. Afterward, it wasn't tough to kill him. I put 2 full magazines of my automatic pistol in his body just the instant he noticed me.

Well, even though killing him was the easy part, dealing with the backup army that they called wasn't so pretty. Just when I came up the bunker, there was a helicopter firing towards us, and in an instant, I got knocked out and then my gun for hire was dead too. When we got re-spawned, there was another MPA vehicle and they were shooting with a machine gun too. Luckily we were able to kill them this time.

Then I took the car and started traveling to Peaches Taxidermy. I was planning on unlocking the remaining areas because I spent a lot of time just to finish this one-third part of the game and it needed to end. I'm playing a lot of games and I want to share them with you too. But, figuring out the time to play it daily and post daily is tough for me. So, from now on I'll mainly focus on the main missions and the missions important to finish the game. So, I was in the back of the vehicle and my gun for hire was driving the car. It was fun to kill all those cult enemies with that built-in machine gun. And once I was there I saw a special illusion of Faith, the one that can take you to her hallucinating world. I entered it cause I remembered the sheriff telling me to bring Marshal back the next time I see him.

After I was there Faith tried to stop me from destroying all her outposts by trying to convince me. She also used the Marshal to do it and told me to follow him into Eden's Gate. But I needed to stop the marshal before he entered the gate. If he entered it'd be the end for him. There would be no bringing him back for me.

I'm glad I was able to save him before he entered the gate and brought him back to the jail. But, they had a tough time controlling him, and even after gaining consciousness, he wasn't well. And with this huge achievement completed, today's mission ended here.

Screenshot (527).png

I hope you liked my post. I've skipped the short battles in this one and only tried to focus on the part of the main mission. I've uploaded gameplay to my YouTube channel and will share it below. I'd request you to watch it and enjoy it fully. And please let me know in the comment section if you liked it or not.

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Great job. The strategic use of the sniper rifle, exploration of the bunker, and decisive actions in saving the Marshal make for an engaging read. The screenshots and YouTube link enhance the experience. Keep it up

Well played. @tipu curate 8