The adventure begins. Far CRry 6

in Hive Gaming2 months ago

Hello Guys.

I've brought you something new this time. I've been sharing my gameplay for Far Cry 5 for almost a year and Finally, I moved on to Far Cry 6. Abd this post to share the first gameplay of the game.

You'll see the introduction story and some action here. The adventure, storyline, visual graphics, everything is just perfect.

I've uploaded the gameplay to my YouTube channel and sharing it below


You are going to have a blast playing this one! I finished it in roughly 3 days only as the story and the whole vibe kept me close to the screen for many hours in a row!

Well, I only get time to play once in a few days except for the holidays. I guess it's going to take me a lot more days to complete.

For sure. But I can understand you as the same thing happens with my walkthrough in Cyberpunk 2077 lately. Being an adult sucks!

It truly does. Thought I'd be able to enjoy freedom after growing up. But, it's still the same trapped life. First, it was the pressure of parents to study and now it's the need of life and a sense of duty.

I agree! At least we got weekends.. what's left of them. As there are other activities taking part within too!