The Cleansing. Clash With John Seed Begins.

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Hello Everyone

It feels great to come back after the biggest achievements that I shared with you in my last gameplay. The 4 leaders of the cult are,

  1. Jacob Seed,
  2. John Seed
  3. Faith Seed

And the head of the family,
4 . Joseph Seed

In my last gameplay, I shared how I killed Faith and liberated the region she controlled. Now it's time for the others. And John is in the next in line.

So, I was back in Faith's region to regroup with the resistance to put out the rest of the cult members there. But, things turned bad on the 2nd outpost and I was blissed there. I guess it was a setup from the beginning cause my people were shooting at me in the beginning.

After I gained consciousness, I found myself at a place where John Seed was cleansing people by using that one dive on the so-called holy water technique. But sadly John recognized me and started torturing me. But, glading or sadly I was saved by Joseph Seed there. Surprisingly he was there too. He then ordered John to take me somewhere and make me confess everything I've done. But, gladly I was rescued on the way by the resistance members.

Screenshot (732).png

By the time I woke up and got rescued, I was back in John's region. Now my mission was to destroy the nearby camp and rescue the other prisoners. But this first fight was intense. And it was more because I didn't have the proper gear with me. The rifle was rapid firing with less damage and the sniper was shitty as hell. I picked those too because those two were easy to handle and had a much faster firing rate than any other weapons from those series. But, by the time I realized my mistake, it was too late to do anything.

After a long fight, I was able to eliminate most of them but I was already out of ammo and there were many more left. So I used the last two Molotov cocktail I had left and then used the remaining bullets in my pistol to finish the enemies after they took enough damage from the fire. This wasn't even the end of them, I had to kill a lot with bare hands too.

At the next checkpoint, I rescued two other resistance members, but the enemy was dropping mortar shells there and I needed to stop them. And they also had another prisoner in that camp. Taking out the enemy on that camp along with the morter guy wasn't enough. Cause a lot was rushing towards us and I couldn't keep my pace with them the first time and died due to heavy damage taken from an enemy shotgun.

After respawning I took one of the enemy's shotguns and that kind of made it less hard. But it was still challenging and I was taking hits from all around me. But we had no choice but to fight for 2 minutes and wait for the rescue helicopter to arrive and pick us up.

Gladly we were able to make it there and by that, the mission was completed.

Screenshot (755).png

I hope you liked my post and hope you will also like the gameplay I attached below. There's a lot more to see and experience and I'd suggest you take a peak. I'm sure you're going to like it and please inform me of your thoughts about my gameplay in the comment section.

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Thank You


and that is why religious sects are very dangerous.

Yes, people can go to unimaginable lengths just because of their belief and those religious sects always use that opportunity to manipulate them.

Looks like an interesting mission. @tipu curate 8