War on Drugs. Far Cry 5.

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Hello Guys

I'm here to share the gameplay of Far Cry 5 with you. I've recently completed a mission called The War on Drugs. I've killed Faith and liberated her region. However, the cults still operated in that area supplying drugs throughout the county. And this specific Mission was to destroy their supply chain.

Screenshot (899).png

I was given the task of destroying 5 trucks and 5 boats carrying those drugs. The most tough part was to find them and shoot them down while driving. For the boats, it was easy cause you could leave the steering and stand on the boat to shoot. But, it was tough to drive a car and shoot. The character is only allowed to shoot with a pistol while driving. I even tried to flip over the trucks so that I could have an easy kill. But nothing worked. The screenshots below are to show how I blew a truck and a boat and the third image shows the moment I was trying to flip it over. I had to use proximity bombs to blow up the boats and most of the trucks. But for the last boat, I was out of bombs and I had to use Molotov cocktails and shoot to make it blast. In the second, if you notice at the top center, you'll see an enemy flying over due to the blast.

Screenshot (888).png

Though my mission was to destroy their supply chain only, I found one of their production factories. It was abandoned and the cults were trying to make it start again. I killed them and stopped the drug production.

Screenshot (870).png

I hope you like the shots and you will like the gameplay. I've uploaded the gameplay to my YouTube channel and will share it below. Don't forget to put your thoughts in the comment box.

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What a good presentation my friend, congratulations, your content is very striking, my favorite character is Jonh Seed

Yes, even though he is the villain. I too admire his character. And it is a well-built one. Thanks for your comment

Thanks a lot both your comments @maickto & @martina-sigulin .