Worst Day in FC5. Faith's Desperate Attack on Hope's County Jail.

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Hello Everyone.

Happy New Year

Faith surely didn't like my previous move. She's all out on me and I can't get to anywhere I need to go without a tough fight and killing a bunch of the loyal ones. I guess if it was not for all the soldiers I've killed in the process, it'd be completely impossible for me to travel around.

Anyway, after that big achievement, now my mission is to destroy all the shrines of the cult army and the cult VIPs present there. There were a total of 16 of them remaining in Faith's region cause I've already destroyed many of them. And now I was given the mission to destroy the rest.

Finding and destroying the first 4 was easy cause I was able to spot them right on the map. But because I still had many places remaining to explore I couldn't find them on the map and I had to manually travel around to find those shrines. And because everyone was looking for me, I had to engage in a lot of unnecessary fights. So, you might find the 2nd 4th part of the video kind of boring. But, the last part is really interesting and I'd like you to stay tuned till then.

You can see my gun for hire flying off due to the shockwave of the blast.

Things took a bad turn just after I destroyed the 10th shrine. Cause by destroying it I reached the 2nd level and had enough XP to make Faith mad enough to take things to another level.

The Final Moment.

Screenshot 2023-12-30 112716.png

And then all of a sudden I got pushed into the bliss by force by faith and she was really angry and warning me.

Screenshot (668).png

But things turned badly when she took me to a place from where I could see the marshal playing cards with the doctor. But, Marshal was still in bliss and he was doing exactly what faith was making him do and also saying in repeat what Faith was saying to me. I soon understood that Faith was still in full control and I had nothing to do. Just in front of my eyes, he killed the doctor and this wasn't enough for her.

Then he opened the gates of the jail to let Faith's army inside and then killed himself. This was probably the worst situation in the game until now.

Then I was spawned in front of the county jail but it was too late to do anything. They had already taken over the camp and I needed to rescue the remaining. But the main problem was I was almost out of ammunition and tactical gear because of the last fight. And there were snipers at every point of the fort walls and also on the watch towers. Sorry, I couldn't take any screenshots of those sniper-guards cause the moments were intense and after a hard time of fighting them I was able to get inside the wall but there was still a lot remaining to do. You can guess about the fight by seeing the

But getting inside the building was more of a tricky part. I had to search for an entence for a while and it was like kind of solving a maze. After quite a while I was able to find the was and it was through an air vent.

There were a lot of enemies in the prison hall and I needed to kill all of them and rescue my friends. At first, I kind of rushed it and got killed but soon I died because there were too many of them. But, the next time I made and strategy and was able to finish them all.

After some more activities and finding the key to the cell, I was able to find and rescue them but it was too late to save the doctor. This was a tragic moment.

Now, it's high time to put an end to this.

Screenshot (684).png

I hope you liked my post. I've uploaded the whole gameplay video to my YouTube channel and sharing it from there below. Please watch it fully cause there's a lot more than fights and killing missions. There were a lot of adventure moments and I kind of skipped them and I believe you'd enjoy watching them.

Thank You


This game looks so engaging. Well played. @tipu curate 8