Investing into 'Untamed' cards + season rewards - Splinterlands

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Hi Hive Friends,

More time on my hands these days meaning more time back for this epic game - Splinterlands. The last week not only playing the daily games but have tried out a few tournaments. I really need to step up my game as I have been away during the time when Untamed was released and now feel a bit behind. I noticed when I was joining tournaments, many of them require untamed cards which I don't have enough to play.

My new goal apart from my usual gold hunt, need to buy Untamed cards!

Gold cards have always been my passion to collect from the start of this game but to be able to play some of these tournaments requires Untamed cards I cannot participate as I don't have any. So this morning when I collected my season rewards, I started my shopping spree. Not much of a spree but a nice start to my new collection of cards. I bought two summoners as I have 1 already so 3 will be a good start.


I need to understand some of the cards a little more so these few days will check out their powers, mana and everything else to determine further purchases. I love how Splinterlands can find ways to make you spend but also feel good about it. These cards are our assets and they have kept me very happy. Below are some of the new cards I started to purchase and will be getting more once I get my head around them all.


Season rewards were also collected and were happy to put me in Champion 3 giving me 80 chests. A bit sad opening with just 2 gold cards. I guess 2 is better than none. Can't complain.






Wise choice! There are some great cards under Untamed that will benefit your current teams. Thanks for sharing!

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thankyou @travelgirl. Glad you told me about this game from the beginning

You have a better and good cards... The only thing you need to k ow is the right use of each cards. The combination.

With the new reward cards, there will be more cards to learn