10K Gaming-Music Delegation Giveaway beginns now

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Hey Guys,

as promissed we are starting our (up to) 10k Hive-Delegation Giveaway.

This giveaway is all about promoting our youtube channel: www.youtube.com/@MakeItRock

The giveaway starts 17.March.2023 and ends on 16.April.2023. Winners will be picked on 18.April.2023


For every 1 hour of watchtime generated between 17.March.2023 and 16.April.2023 on our channel
we will add 10 Hive-Power to the delegation pool up to a max of 10k.


1 Price - up to 5.000 Hive-Power delegation for 1 month
2 Price - up to 3.000 Hive-Power delegation for 1 month
3 Price - up to 2.000 Hive-Power delegation for 1 month

Should the total of 10.000 not be reached, the total amount will be split among the winners.
1 Place gets 50%
2 Place gets 30%
3 Place gets 20%

Winners will be picket randomly


  1. Reblogg this post
  2. Promote a Song from our channel www.youtube.com/@MakeItRock on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Reddit or any active Forum and post a screenshot here until 24.March.2023
  3. Profit! (if you're lucky ;-))

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask us :-)


Good luck my fellas 🐉

Congratulations you participate.

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Good luck to everyone :D

Congratulations you participate :-)

btw, :D

You forgott to reblogg, change that and you participate :-)

Oh, sure. I just did it!

Ok, you're in :-)

Here we go! Good luck to every participants.


Good luck

You participate :-)

Im nor sure if this was done right but here we go!!

Done right, you are in :-)

Great stuff now I can have some proper background music flowing through my ears!

Wow you guys have some amazing content. I subscribed to your channel and dropped a few likes on some of the tracks. I couldn't decide which one to promote the most, Mortal Kombat? Golden Axe? Ninja Gaiden 2? In the end, I went with Goonies R Good enough, this tune is more than good enough!


Good enough for me^^
Thanks for your kind words and you participade :-)

Hello @jkramer,

Thanks for conducting the giveaway,

I've reblogged the post and here is my entry for the giveaway

~~~ embed:1638645813701406720?t=tN3I1w2LvJ5A9FVobrUa-Q&s=08 twitter metadata:UXVlZW5TaWx2aWExMDB8fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vUXVlZW5TaWx2aWExMDAvc3RhdHVzLzE2Mzg2NDU4MTM3MDE0MDY3MjB8 ~~~

here is also the screenshot :

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-23 at 03.58.59.jpeg

Good luck for all the participants, May the odds be in your favor :)

Thank you for participating :-)

Your Welcome,

Hello @jkramer,

Thanks for the giveaway, I've reblogged the post and here is my entry for the giveaway. I also subscribed to your YT channel and liked the videos I liked the most.

Here is my screenshot from sharing on twitter:

ScreenShot de mi Twitter

Good luck for all the participants,

Sorry, but last date to participate was 24 march.
But stay tuned in a few weeks there will be another giveaway.

Okay okay, it was today that I saw the post. Next time it will be

Good raffle! good luck to everyone!

Looking forward to participate. Good luck to all of us 💕

How do i get your videos

What do you mean by that?

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GL everyone!


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You participate :-)