Today I decided to check out the new Terraria update!

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...and very quickly discovered that I don't really enjoy the game anymore.

Oh, it's a great game. I can spend hours in it, don't get me wrong. But I don't enjoy it anymore. A couple of years ago I made the mistake of playing with friends... and the single-player experience is no longer what I want from the game.

Need more friends, apparently.


With that out of the way, I really like what I've seen of the new update!

The music changes are fantastic. I'm really enjoying the new music. My son didn't believe I was playing Terraria -- "That's the wrong music!" -- and then I loaded it up for him and he was so excited to see the new everything.

The new character creator is much tidier than the old version.


And I really like how you can now customise what type of world you'd want to live in.

When they introduced the Crimson to Terraria, I didn't like it. I still don't. And I had to create about ten random worlds before I'd get the Corruption one that I wanted. So good to be able to just select it now.


I haven't tried the new Journey mode yet, but my son seems to be enjoying it. From what I've seen of him playing it, it's not quite what I want in an open world sandbox survival game.

So, after finally creating my new character and a new world for her to live in, I set about making a quick little shack and begun the great exploration.

I was super stoked to find one of those big-arse trees straight away, descended down the trunk and found a magic staff beyond compare. It places a bird-nest on my head, and the bird attacks everything. I have my own personal magpie! It's brilliant.


I usually hate night-time in Terraria until I'm more geared. This bird made night time far more enjoyable and I was disappointed when morning came and the zombies disappeared. Need to set my attack bird on everything!!

Whilst exploring the aforementioned Big-Arse Tree, I made the mistake of admiring a creature I don't recall ever seeing in Terraria before... a gnome.


Turns out gnomes are evil. Don't harass them. They will kill you and eat your spleen.

ALSO. When you pick up your gravestones to keep for your giant tomb-yard/cemetery later on. Ghosts haunt you. And kill you. And also eat your spleen.

Would like to note that I have no idea if these are new to Journey's End, or have been in for a couple of updates. I just don't remember Ghosts or Gnomes AT ALL.


I wasn't quite prepared for that 😬 soooo I won't be making a graveyard and crypt any time soon. Though I wonder what would come of it when/if I finally did!

Would it be a haunted monument filled with ghosts? That would be pretty spiffy.


After spending a few hours in-game, I didn't get a chance yet to test out of the new Golf or anything, and I'm certain there are hundreds of things I have yet to discover. Their changelog was MASSIVE!!

Unfortunately I can't force myself to play at the moment. Terraria requires more than just me. Which disappointed me! I'm usually fine playing games by myself and eschew most multiplayer games because I'd rather be alone.

Time changes all things.

I'd openly ask if anyone else was playing and if they wanted to do a multiplayer world, but I never know when I actually can play these days. Might only be 10mins today, 5 hours tomorrow, then nothing for two weeks. sigh

So, alas...

Maybe I'll try again in a few months or so.


Until next time,

Thanks for stopping by 😊



All screenshots in this post courtesy of me, @kaelci, from the game: Terraria, Journey's End update


Looks and sounds like a fun game. Is it an open world game ? And on what device do you play it.

Terraria is pretty fun! :) It's open-world. When you first start the game, you can generate a map that's either small, medium, or large -- I'd recommend the large -- and then it's up to you to explore the land, the underground, and even the skies.

There are bosses to defeat, but you do them at your own pace, and for the most part you summon them yourself when you're ready. As you get stronger and find more health and magic, stronger random events happen to match your strength but there are still the normal things too.

Once you defeat a certain boss though, it transforms your world into a harder world with new mobs and challenges entirely.

It's great! :D

I play it on PC, but it's available on Android and the Switch as well. Probably a few other things.

Oh great thanks a lot.
Sounds like a fun and addictive game.
I'll check it out on playstore

I actually enjoyed playing Terraria by myself, but that was very long time ago. It's probably a completely different game now.

Oh, I used to love playing it by myself. But after spending a few months in it with friends, then going back to it now all alone... it doesn't feel fun now; like I'm tinking around for no reason.

It's mostly the same game, though! But a lot of things have been added and tweaked. They recently had a very in-depth update (their Final Update) that added new things to just about every aspect of the game. 😀