Finally got some 10 kill streaks with knife and tomahawk!

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So as some of you are aware I am a little obsessed with Call of Duty of late. I have been streaming most of the time when I play, cause I figured why not try and make some decent content out of my relaxing time.

I have been really enjoying streaming so far and have even been raided a few times now, which I have to admit can be really overwhelming when you aren't used to people in chat then suddenly a swarm appears.

It's been awesome though and I am just gearing up for another few rounds now with @ausbitbank, I will admit I have been drinking so this could be amusing on many levels - so feel free to drop in and say hi to us while we play :D

So here are some of my favorite highlights for you this time around:

In this clip, I achieve my greatest feats caught on cam so far... I actually manage to get 10 knife kills in one life! I was in complete shock and really didn't expect it, especially after the guy hit me with his gun I thought it was all over there, but no I somehow managed to get him and two more after what a complete fluke :P

This one is a stupid funny death followed by an awesome flying kill, I enjoy this a little too much.. maybe...

This map often sees me destroyed, because of my obsession with the knife it often results in a rather shitty game when we play on this map. But I am proud to say in this one I actually manage to get 7 kills with a mix of weapons but mostly knife.

I love love love this map Nuketown, it is perfectly suited to my knife and tomahawk obsessions and has resulted in some of my all-time best kill streaks this one has 6 including the tomahawk that lands after I'm already dead.

@ausbitbank's play of the game that I managed to capture, but it cuts him off early - had to include the awesome though.

This is a 7 kill streak but it continues through the middle of halftime.

This one is just brilliant, I love how they just stand there waiting for me to kill them while I kill their friends :P People really need to have their sound up.

This is another favourite map of mine Crossroads, it is brilliant for running round stabbing fuckers - mind you, I got myself killed by trying to open that box.

This is just a really satisfying run with 7 knife kills until one of my own (a fellow knife-wielder) ends me.

Again one to be proud of I somehow manage to get 7 kills on a map filled with snipers.

This is pure luck at times, but also a lot of running - I may die a lot, but it's moments like these that pay it off.

Again not the most knife-friendly of maps but at times when the stars align and you're in the zone little miracles do happen like an 8 kill streak on this map.

I find my performance on this map rather hit and miss, I can do awesome or I can choke it's really a flip of the coin on any given day how things will go. In this clip, I manage to collect 7 kills in one life.

This one I just love that tomahawk kill after fluking the sliding stab was just a cherry on top for me in this little 5 kill streak combo.

I love the hallways in this map, once you go into the open you really need that tomahawk if you want to survive all the guns.

Finally, my other 10 kill streak with knives and tomahawk alone, it's a thing of beauty, and luckily enough after I had been raided by some peeps after having a really shitty few games - this was brilliant!

I hope you guys enjoyed some of those clips and now it's time to play... come and join @ausbitbank and myself on twitch we'll be starting up shortly after I post here.


There's (probably?) worse obsessions you could have ;D

Have fun :D

Bahahahaha yea probably, hey at least it's content of some form - I feel slightly less wasteful with my time for that :P

Very nice. I never got the hang of melee weapons or the tomahawk. I might be able to get a couple kills with the tomahawk if I am playing Nuke Town. Maybe.

I hated using melee at first, then as I forced myself to use them an obsession has formed, and now I can't get enough. Keep at it I'm sure you would get better with practice, I was shocking at first just constant deaths now it's constant deaths with some kills too :D