Tower Of Hell - ROBLOX Experience

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Hello my dar bloggers! Today I’m sharing this post with info. about Tower Of Hell and talking about it, by the way I’m sorry for not posting lately, I had a lot of events with school proyects and stuff, and I’ll try my best to keep posting !!

Tower if hell is a random generated obby, wich you have 7 minutes to complete, the time and levels can change depending on wich server are you, normal tower or pro tower, is VIP Servers you can also configure levels ! You don’t have checkpoints so if you die or fall you have to restart again. When somebody wins the roun and touches the glowing door at the end a multiplier appears in the timer, every time someone touches the door it adds a x2.

Tip: you can use SHIFT to shiflock, (in pc, but if it doesn’t work try searching shiftlock in settings and turn it on) in phone you have to press the lock icon down to the right.

Private servers costs 250 robux.

The creator of this game is: YXCeptional Studios wich is owned by: uwuPyxl

This game was created in 6/18/2018.

Hope this helped and have a nice day!



Tower Of hell is one of my favorite Roblox games, for a while I was very attached to it, so now you could say that I have a pretty high level. But I haven't played it for a while, by the time I play again I'll be all rusty.

Your post, has given me a lot of nostalgia greetings :3

Oh thats awesome! I sometimes play ToH too! I play it since it was getting popularity in the community! I remember that I would play it every day and spend all my robux on private servers! Now I don't really play it anymore because I always rage quit haha! I remember I had an acc with like level 31 there! Maybe not too high, because I always kept spending them on perks ! Haha


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