Rising star Giveaway #51🌟, winners of the day and new giveaway (Cartas NFT GRATIS Todos los días - FREE NFT cards EVERYDAY)

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Today we announce the result of the forty-sixth Risingstar Giveaway published on 07/02/2021 and which closed on 07/08/2021 at 03:00 UTC🕛

Hoy anunciamos el resultado del cuadragésimo sexto Giveaway de Risingstar publicado el 2/07/2021 y que cerró el 8/07/2021 a las 03:00 UTC🕛.

As of today I have distributed 276 NFT cards💹! Thank you all for your support and perseverance, my intention is to support the player-investor community of Hive, make Risingstar known and that we all move forward together to strengthen the platform

¡Hasta el día de hoy he distribuido 276 tarjetas NFT💹! Gracias a todos por su apoyo y perseverancia, mi intención es apoyar a la comunidad de jugadores e inversores de Hive, dar a conocer Risingstar y que todos avancemos juntos para fortalecer la plataforma.😎

🌟Ganadores del Giveaway #46🌟

🌟 Winners of giveaway #46🌟



🙏Thank you all for participating, congratulations to the winners, your Rising Star random NFT cards have already been sent, you can check your prize at the following link https://nftm.art/inventory/star🚀🙏
🙏Gracias a todos por participar, felicitaciones a los ganadores, sus tarjetas NFT aleatorias de Rising Star ya fueron enviadas, pueden chequear su premio en el siguiente link https://nftm.art/inventory/star🚀

With this post a new giveaway is opened so that you can also win RisingStar NFT cards, remember that you can also participate in all open giveaways. 💎

Con este post se abre un nuevo giveaway para que tu también puedas ganar cartas NFT de RisingStar, recuerda que también puedes participar en todos los giveaway abiertos.💎



📌No olvides de seguir esta cuenta para participar /

📌Do not forget to follow this account to participate https://www.hive.blog/@linkxdx

🎲Participa en todos mis sorteos abiertos, regalo 6 cartas por sorteo/

🎲Participate in all my open draws, I give away 6 cards per draw

🍀Open Giveaways🍀

📌Giveaway #47

📌Giveaway #48

📌Giveaway #49

📌Giveaway #50


I want to participate

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Thank you. Please enter me for the next draw.

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I want to participate

me gustaria participar

Thanks for the contest, please list me for the next :D!

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¡Quiero participar!

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Que gran evento que realizas sigue así de activo

I want to participate.

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I want to participate

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I want to participate

Thanks for the giveaway. 😊


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@linkxdx! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @gillianpearce.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (2/10)

Congratulations to all who won’t today.
I would love you participate tomorrow.
Good luck to all and have a great day.
!luv 3

I want to participate.

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I would love to include in the draw. Cheers.

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Kindly list me for the next :D!
You are doing well keep up the good works.

Thank you for the card.
I want to participate in the next drawing.

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