Experience a Different Face of Web3 and Blockchain in The Saito Arcade!

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In case you haven't heard about Saito yet, here's the rundown!

Saito is an open network layer for Web3 that lets users run blockchain applications in browsers without plugins, private APIs, and non-open infrastructure. Saito survives without an owner while funding the nodes that provide user-facing infrastructure for its own network and other public blockchains.

If you are new to Saito, the best way to experience the network is by trying out some of the many applications being developed on top of it, such as the community-driven Saito Arcade.

With that said, if you wanna become a Saitozen, follow along!


Right now, the best way to experience Saito in all its glory is to visit the Arcade, our first demo application where you can get a taste of what’s to come in the future as the Saito application environment grows!

The first time you visit you will automatically be given a brand new wallet on your first visit, so make sure you back it up properly as this will be your key to all the Saito Web3 applications in the Arcade. The new wallet will have all your balances as well as your username. This key will eventually work for all the applications built on top of Saito by other developers and they will interact seamlessly in your browser! So keep it safe!


When you go into the arcade you'll be greeted by our friendly and easy to use interface and you'll find out quite quickly that you'll have access to everything it has to offer without having to create an account (remember how I told you that your wallet gets created automagically as you come in?).

You'll have immediate access to our forum where you can have some fun and learn about Saito or just post spicy memes, it's up to you. You can say hi in the Saito chat and you'll be greeted by community members ready to assist you or play games! There's always someone around!

You'll have instant access to all the games in the arcade, if you're fond of board games you might recognize a couple of them but if you're not there's a lot of room to learn as well! Although you never can go wrong with Poker or Wordblocks as well.

When I joined, the arcade only had 3 games, Twilight Struggle (my favorite by far since I'm a big history buff and love everything related to WW1, WW2, or the Cold War!), Chess, and Wordblocks (which is like a buffed up scrabble). But now there are a lot more!

Twilight Struggle is the one game where I have invested the most time since discovering Saito. You spend the whole game in a push and pull between the Soviet Union and the United States in a bid for world domination while also juggling DEFCON to prevent a nuclear war while doing political intrigue moves across the globe, doing coups and covert operations! It's engaging but not too complicated, making it a pretty balanced board game!

Chess is another pretty popular game in the arcade. I don't play it much because I have been pampered by the complexity of games like Twilight Struggle and Pandemic, and Chess just doesn't do it for me anymore but I play it from time to time to remember the good old school days when I played it in class.

Wordblocks is another game I'm pretty addicted to. It's like scrabble but with new bonus point mechanics that make the game more strategical and have you planning out your word placement even more because you want to score the huge letters on the double or triple boosters!

Poker is well, Poker! It's one of the most popular games since almost everyone has dabbled in Poker at least once or twice here and there right?

Then there’s Red Imperium, a massive space-strategy game. If you think Twilight Struggle is challenging or complex for a second, it's going to look like peanuts the moment you step into a 4 player game of Imperium!

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by the Arcade and let's play some games while learning Web3!

If you wanna know what else is cooking with Saito, check out the website which is also connected to the arcade and you'll get your wallet there as well!

If you got development experience as a Full Stack Javascript developer or as a Rust developer, you might be in luck since the Saito team is currently looking into expanding, check out the job postings here!

Here's a couple of our most active social media groups and accounts if you wanna jump right into that as well!

Telegram Discord Twitter

All of the amazing pictures in this post were made by Kekya in the Saito telegram group and are shared here with his stamp of super approval! He's really talented at conveying information!


Found you on bitclout :)

Neat! I'll definitely have to check this out.

BTW, long time no chat, man!

Hey there! Yeah it's been a good while, between work and moving, I've been super busy lately.

Well great to hear from ya! I've been working a lot with Dred haha, figured I'd come back to Hive and see what's poppin' here!

Hey! Yeah, he told me he has been working along with you, glad the referral worked out! He's pretty good at what he does.

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