Amazing Battles – Can you pass through the mighty Baakjira?

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Hello, friends who love, like me, the best crypto game ever. Welcome to another Amazing Splinterlands Battle analysis!


Rule Sets (Modern Format)

Armored Up + Counterspell + Close Range with 39 mana Cap and only elements available: Water and Death.

About my Lineup/Strategy

My Team

Kelya Frendul
Pelacor Bandit
Feasting Seaweed
Sea Stalker
Wave Brood

Enemy Team

Lux Vega
Legionnaire Alvar
Flying Squid
Pelacor Bandit
Merdaali Guardian

Kelya Frendul (Summoner), there were three great options to pick from:

Kelya Frendul, Lux Vega, and Astral Entity. The latter is good because it completely removes the armor provided by the other two.

However, I picked Kelya due to her mana cost, and Water monsters are usually faster!

Baakjira: definitely one of the best tanks in the game and very tough to counter when you add a support monster with Heal, Repair, and/or Cleanse.

Deeplurker, Feasting Seaweed, and Pelacor Bandit: Opportunity and Sneak monsters usually work better in pairs.

In the first attack, you might take off the armor or reduce the HP and in the next, finish the monster before he can recover with repair/triage/heal.

Sea Stalker: good damage dealer with her 5 attack power.

As mentioned, Cleanse is perfect for removing adverse effects such as Affliction/Poison/Stun.

Wave Brood: a Taunt monster in the back is an excellent way to break the focus fire of my opponent, so now his tank and maybe a secondary tank with reach will hit Baakjira.

In contrast, the other 3-4 monsters will target Wave Brood.

And if they are ranged monsters, there is a big chance to be a magic attack power, and his Void ability might reduce to 0 damage.

You can apply this with Immortalis and Mycelic Slipspawn, adding the Queen Mycelia/Spirit Hoarder/Uloth Dhampir + Triage.

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

The Battle

Round 1

My opponent picked Lux Vega instead of Kelya.

The only difference is the +1 HP and the extra 1 mana cost, but Baakjira strengthen reduces this disadvantage.

In the first round, no monsters were killed, but Wave Brood played a significant role in absorbing 11 damage attack power.

Notice that Sea Stalker cleansed the Blind from Baakjira, which is irrelevant since he doesn’t attack.

Still, it would be with a different monster, so don’t underestimate this ability!


Round 2

Feasting Seaweed missed an attack to finish Pelacor Bandit, although he was already going to die due to the poison.

My biggest distraction (Wave Brood) was gone, so now my opponent would start targeting my weakest monsters in the backline with his Opportunity monsters.

However, Baakjira was still alive to protect my backline a little more.


Round 3

Deeplurker finished with Merdaali Guardian, a relief since she repairs and heals.

At the same time, my Pelacor Bandit dodged the opponent’s Deeplurker, which was very relevant to the outcome of this battle!

Round 4

My monsters killed Runi for the first time, and nothing else happened.


Round 5

Runi was killed for the 2nd time, and my Baakjira died at the end of the round, fulfilling his role perfectly.

Round 6

Sea Stalker killed Legionnaire Alvar, which was a relief since his Demoralize ability was setting back my melee monsters, and now we are in a good situation (4 x 2).


Round 7

This round was very concerning, my Deeplurker died, and my monsters missed their attacks!

Rounds 8 and 9

After my Pelacor Bandit died, we are now 2 x 2!

I need to eliminate Flying Squid due to his Blind ability, which I did on round 9!

In the next round, my monsters had only a slight chance to miss their attacks and targeted Deeplurker without a problem.

Notice how Scavenger ability can be powerful.

When Feasting Seaweed reached the 1st position, he already had 13 HP, becoming a decent tank for the end of the battle!

Countless times Dr. Blight saved me at the end of the battle for the same reason.


See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @baclali

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Estoy buscando informacion de este juego porque quiero jugar pero no me han salido batalla con otros jugadores :( de paso te vote mal porque se me fue el dedo a otro lado xD no es mi dia, saludos.

I'm looking for information about this game because I want to play but I haven't had a battle with other players :(by the way I voted you wrong because my finger went elsewhere xD it's not my day, greetings.

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Baakjira really is mighty! Great battle and awesome post! 💖
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Great post, I have a lot to learn from here.

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Very cool, I love using Baakjira! Great post, thanks!