At last! after many days of completing my daily quests in splinterlands, nice reward appears. (my first post on HIve Gaming community)

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Yey! at last, after a couple of days of completing my quests everyday in splinterlands, today I've got a nice batch of rewards. I've been longing for this kind of rewards since the last season ended I think that's almost 12 days ago LOL.


My quest for today is rising dead, so in this quest I need to win 5 matches using death splinter, I'm a bit lucky to have this quest because death splinter is my favorite and my most frequently used splinter, so I know what's the best cards combination to use in any rules and situations in this splinter. But it's not that easy because my current league is "DIAMOND 2" and In this league there is so many strong players I need to face before I complete my quest.


look at these reward, at last after a couple of defeats I manage to complete my quest and I am in the diamond 2 league so I can claim 12 reward chest for completing my quest and look I pulled 2 gold foil common cards which is worth 0.7usd each and I also pulled 1 essence orb worth 2500 dec, but thats not all.


Becuase when I opened the essence orb that I got from my daily rewards I pulled 1 legendary card "the Corrupted Pegasus" which is worth 4.20 usd(lowest price in the market) and I also pulled 3 rare promo cards and only one common, and because of this pull plus the 2 gold foil commons from the reward chest, I can easily say that this is my luckiest day in this current season so far haha, but nothing beat a gold foil legendary so I'm always praying to pull one gold foil legendary again sooner or later LOL..

That's all for now and thank you for your time spent reading this, till my next posts.....



Wow!!! Those are indeed nice rewards my friend.

Couple of gold foiled and an ORB and a Legendary from ORB, that's the best I have seen except for some of @clove71's rewards she shared.

Good luck with rest of the season and also for season end rewards :)

thank you! goodluck also for your season end rewards hope we both pull a decent rewards haha

I hope so my friend, last 3-4 seasons didn't bring any Legendaries for me, so really hoping for one this time :)

Card game, they are very fun, I remember when I was in primary we played with Yugi-OH cards! But the last year children took them from us and ran away. What a bad time. It was still fun to play.

Yes it was, I also playing yugiOh cards when I was little but stopped playing coz I got so busy in many things, till I found this game #splinterlands maybe you can try playing this too this time no one can take away your cards haha..

Hahaha good that nobody can take them from me. I would like to join maybe you can access me, do you have Twitter?

But if you want you can log in here you can log in in splinterlands using your steem username and posting key...

steemmonster is dependent on steem or hive? I wonder if you can use tokens or what do I know. lol How do we get the cards?

you can use different types of coins to buy starter pack, like hive and steem and you can also pay using paypal,

Hey @saracampero, right now, Steemmonsters is on Steem, but is moving to HIVE on 1st June, but you can buy cards and packs using Hive as well as Steem as of now.

Nice to know you from Twitter :)

Ok friend, I already add you and follow you.

thanks, done the same also ^^

Whoa! That's awesome! What a day! 🥰@carrieallen

Yep it was, thank you ^^