Finally!!! I made it to champion league "for the first time".

in #hive-140217last month (edited)

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Yey!!! at last! I made it to champion league for the first time with an hour and few minutes left before the season ends in #splinterands, this last hour of the season is the thoughest hour for battles in the entire season because many players are rushing to reach higher leagues while the top players are fighting each other to be in the top rankings this season, and here I am... really satisfied for what I reached in this season for now because I really didn't expect to reach this far because in my previous seasons I usually reached diamond 2 or diamond 1.

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I'm playing splinterlands for quite long time and my goal since I started battling in this game is to reach champion league and now since I made it to the champion 3 league my next goal is to be in the top rankings , I now this goal is far from reality for now, but only time will tell LOL.

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Couple of minutes passed by the time I am writing this so I think there's only more or less 30 minutes left before the season ends and there is 80 loot chests that's waiting for me I can't wait to open those reward chests hope I can pull a decent rewards in some of this chests LOL.

I think I have to go to see what's happening in the game I'm really excited to open my rewards and to see #splinterlands in this #hive blochain, so that's all for now and thanks for dropping by, and also goodluck to all of the splinterlands players out there hope some of you get lucky on your rewards...


Want to get into the game? Just click the link below..


Congrats!!! Please add your affiliate link or to your post, thanks! !!@clove71

Thank you! Ok I will add my splinterlands link. ^^

very good player.

Not that good haha, but thank you! ^^