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As he walked past the tavern he heard a magical melody drifting out into the night air.
The melody was so beautiful, he can not help but relax and forget his troubles.
Without thought he enters the tavern and is greeted with warmth and the smell of a fire.
Sitting down at a table the bartender hands him a drink and he pays without thought as the melody cleanses him of all ailments.

If I have a Life battle with Noxious Fumes as a rule set. I make sure to use my Silvershield Bard. I played her a little further back then I normally would in forth slot . I would normally place her in third slot as her main job is to stop the tank from getting hit with the first round of poison.


Summoner: Lorna Shine

  • Lorna is not a summoner I use all the time. But after this I sure might consider it as the Divine shield she uses to protect her monsters is actually quite useful.

First slot: Sacred Unicorn

  • I chose the sacred Unicorn as tank as it has medium health and self heal. These make it perfect for defending in Noxious Fume battles.

Second slot: Furious Chicken

  • The Furious Chicken is such a good card to use as a buffer and works well here. If you have extra space but no mana left make sure to add the Furious Chicken to your team. With zero mana cost you can not go past it.

Third slot: Divine Healer

  • Magic and healing can you really go past the Divine Healer? This would have to be one of my most used cards in Life Splinter and the way it helped to keep my Sacred Unicorn up it definitely deserved it’s place in my team.

Forth slot: Silvershield Bard

  • The rule set for this battle was noxious fumes . The Silvershield Bard offers cleanse to remove any negative effects on your tank, that you may have gotten from your opponent.

Fifth slot: Peacebringer

  • Another card I use all the time is the Peacebringer , it only cost 4 mana and has 3 range attack if you level it up to level 3. It gave me the extra edge I needed to win this one.

Sixth slot: Lensmaster

  • At 1 mana cost it is easy to find room for the Lensmaster. This card also has 1 range attack which helped me won this battle.


Looking back the battle played out well . The Sacred Unicorn was able to stay up with the help of the Silvershield Bard and the Divine Healer. The other cards played great support to take down the enemy team. Would I do anything different? No I think it worked well, but if you don’t have a Sacred Unicorn you could use the Shieldbearer or another tank with high health.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done with the lineup.
Keep on battling.