Mindblast Battle Report : Tough Flesh Golem

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One of my favorite monster when it comes to frontline is Flesh Golem especially when you need sustainability that has high health points and at the same time it has skills that could sustain long period of battle. With its healing ability I am sure that he could manage to take stand of those damages inflicted coming from enemy monsters. Aside from that He has a good melee damage that could probably considered a threat to enemy monsters.

He has a decent speed which can possibly attack in which we can expect that it could heal and attack in an average middle of the battle. And if you make it to its maxed level then we may expect that its Void skill will be usable as well, making him effective against Magic Damage.

So considering that you have unlocked those skills then surely you will able to have a high percentage of winning the battle comparing to only healing spell is unlocked.

Details of Battle


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In this battle, all monsters will lose their sneak and snipe ability which is a good for those monsters that are at the back that they will be much safer in this battle. The Mana cap is 19 which is not likely much to select your best monsters in the list.

So the only option here is try to manage well and select what you could think may able to be a much better team out of the total of 19 mana.

As for me I have put Flesh Golem at first position as I know that it could manage to sustain damages. And on the other hand the enemy put the Furious Chicken which I think I can totally manage to eliminate in one strike.

In my second position there goes my Screeching Vulture that can still strike enemies with its Opportunity skill, looking for the lowest health enemy monster so it could strike for a kill. While in his second position, he put Lord Arianthus which I think he considers that I am using mostly magic damage type of monsters. But still Lord Arianthus can still handle melee damage and range damage with its Shield that helps reduced those damages taken.

In my third position there goes my Furious Chicken which I consider him as a handle monster that could be an add-on whenever you need him and also could be a good sacrifice if ever. While on my enemy's third position is a magic user Wood Nymph which will surely be a healer to help sustain his Lord Arianthus.

I then put Creeping Ooze in the fourth position and then Swamp Thing which both of them are very useful in battle especially their debuff skills.And lastly I put my Barking Spider which can be a good backup to my frontline, putting additional damages to the enemy.

And on my enemy side, he uses Mashroom Seer which will reduced magic attack monster, but thankfully it become useless as I don't use magic type monster in this battle. And while on enemy's last position is Halfling Alchemist which can be a headache also at it cuts my attack.

My Line Up

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I put Flesh Golem as I know that he can be really efficient in dealing the enemy damages and helped protect my other monsters that are much weaker in health.

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In my second spot in my Screeching Vulture which can still attack the enemy monsters with its Opportunity Skill. I am sure this monster is well protected and can always attack from behind.

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In my third position is my Furious Chicken which I consider as a fill in the box due to its zero casting cost. I can consider this monster as very useful especially battles with low mana cap and you have still space to give. But I still use this monster effectively which I intent to look into the battle modifier carefully so to avoid Furious Chicken be only a sacrifice.

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One of my best dude also which can helped slow down the enemy putting him in the fourth position.

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In my fifth position is Swamp Thing which I intent to use him only as a blocking force additional to my Furious Chicken and Creeping Ooze. But still this monster is very useful as it can helped decrease the life points of all enemy monsters.

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And lastly Barking Spider which can be useful in terms of additional damage as it can deliver a 2 ranged damage towards targeted enemy monster.

The Battle

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At the start of Round 1, both of our Summoner boosts the life points of all our monsters. Next to that Mushroom Seer tries to debuff all my magic type monsters but failed since I don't have one. My Creeping Ooze then slows down the enemies and lastly my Swamp Thing decreases the life points of all the enemies.

Now that I have the advantage towards speed and health. my Screeching Vulture immediately finds its prey and instantly kills the Furious Chicken without any talking.

I then try to damage his Lord Arianthus but failed since his Wood Nymph helped the healing side and at the same time it has reduced damage.

Enemy monsters tried to gang up my Flesh Golem but they cannot weaken it as their damage is not enough for my Flesh Golem's current health points.


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In Round 2, both of our frontliner monsters my Flesh Golem and his Lord Arianthus still manage not to weaken by attacks as both of them are built to do it.

And in at Round 3 and in later rounds my Screeching Vulture got Halfling Alchemist. and the other magic type monsters which leaves Lord Arianthus alone.

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The battle reached at Round 7 in which his Lord Arianthus has no more place to run in which it resulted to my enemy's defeat.

My Analysis

The battle is centers on my Flesh Golem who remains standing despite on those damages taken with the help of its Healing ability. While most of the kills have done by Screeching Vulture taking down those enemy attacks while putting Lord Arianthus last.

Full Battle

Full Battle can be seen here: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=battle&id=9c9adc5d2d6b01625e1f0fff13bf80350a1f8847

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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Flesh Golem has always been my favourite Earth Front defence as well. It's Healing ability is superb and we often make heal combos by using a wood nymph, the spirit of the forest or Khmer Princess with it. Moreover, the voidability works great against magic monsters, so that's a + score towards the defence!

I really liked your overall presentation. Keep posting 🙂

Yeah, I sometimes use Wood Nymph also for the combo.

Oh yeah, the Fleshy. One of the Alpha edition cards and super expensive now. Beta is more affordable. Either way, I love playing that monster. Except when his flesh falls off again...