Luna Rush - Play to Earn Introduction

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Today i stumbled upon a new little pay to earn game called Luna Rush. Its pretty descent and i wanted to share that game with you guys.

What is Luna Rush

Lunar Rush is an anime styled Idle RPG. You create Heroes which are NFTs that live on the Binance Smartchain. With these Warriors which come in various rarities you fullfill different Tasks to earn the Token (LUS).

The Heroes/Warriors

Right now there are 11 different Characters which come in 7 different Quality Levels:

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Elite
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary
  6. Mythical
  7. Divine

The Higher the quality the more Skillslots and general Stats those Heroes have.

Upgrading Quality (Fusion)

The Quality level of an Hero can be upgraded by fusing it with 2 other Heros as fusing material. The quality level of the used fusing materiaL determines the success in creating an hi´gher quality hero.

Alot is missing but be an early bird!

Alot of the features of the game arent implemented yet like PvP but looking at the roadmap of the game looks very promising. As this game is really in its early stages it might be also a good investment to earn some money.

If someone wants to play this game you can use my referrer code GPWIWQAS . We both would get a Bigpack of cards as soon you baught 15 Heroes. Buying 15 Heroes costs 252 LUS. Which coverts to 58.78 Dollar as of now. So entry is very cheap right now. According to some youtube videos i watched you can ROI in about 40 days. And as soon the guild mechanic is implemented we might form a kickass guild :)


This is my first post on hive. I am sorry when i did something wrong!


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