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Authored by @enginewitty

The Technical Aspects


Everybody loves that development lingo, don't they? I do. Not that I understand even half of it, but I know some of you that do actually love it and want to know what's been going on behind the scenes of NISM.

Behind the scenes.

That's such a funny phrase.

It's not like we're actually hiding anything, I suppose that just means what is being done that isn't typically talked about in a post, at least not the ones that come across the radar of most of you. Things like, I am part owner of Surgent Gaming. NISM is actually the 4th game we have under our umbrella (yes, we have another one!). Much of the concept art is being created by children (so we can remember what fun looks like).😜Or, did you know that an RSO (reusable, scalable, optimal code) launcher is now being coveted by the top developers of Hive, that was created by the very same people building this game?

So let's get into the meat and potatoes of it all. What really is making this game tick. What bends the light so you see movements and what tickles the senses that make you feel like you are right there in the middle of the map. Because, you literally will be. Though I dare say, not all aspects of this game will fall into the 'open-source' category. Here are some bullet points for inquiring minds:

  • Built on/with Unity
  • Augmented Reality through Vuforia
  • Backend is node.js and mongodb
  • Node.js will be used to query data from HAF (Hive)
  • Transactions for Hive will be written via Keychain
  • Android Studio and Unity will be combined to launch the mobile application
  • Geolocation will be done through mapbox api

Any and almost all specific detail questions can be asked and will be answered by our lead developer. Which, brings us to the reveal of some of our team members! More will surely be added as necessity decides. Each and every one of these people have been hand picked based on integrity, loyalty and expertise. So without further ado -



  • @enginewitty - This is his/my baby. I have been wanting to build a game I want to play since I can remember. I have built and supported (and continue to) dozens of communities and projects on Hive. From investing in yours to helping structure yours and getting the word out about yours. I run one of the oldest communities on Hive - @thealliance, which is still going beyond 6 years. I run the PIMP District where we talk about crypto and investments, which is standing strong after 3 years. I have dedication and patience. NISM will thrive.
Lead Developer
  • @spiritsurge - He has been wanting to build a game like this for quite awhile. He is the founder of @surgentgaming with new titles like @astralwars and @astralrevelation that have hit Hive. He is an apt learner and very astute with his principals. I like to think of him as the hero of #chifibots.😝He recently built an application launcher that can be used for pretty much any game, anywhere. His contributions continue to amaze.
Business Acquisitions
  • @ecoinstant - This guy knows money and how it works. I've been with him on multiple projects already and have confidence he can run the real world b2b arm of NISM. His highly successful INCOME token is proof of this coupled with what I have seen him do in other arenas throughout Hive. I will be looking to him to garner partnerships in the Web 2 space and foster relationships with those untouchables.
Social Media Management
  • @raymondspeaks - We know this guy is about results. We also know, he knows how to build and maintain a posture in the social sphere. His pursuits like the BRO, LGN and CINE, have all warranted respect and admiration across this blockspace. With a growing audience on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter), we are also confident that he knows what he might be doing.
Server Admin
  • @thekittygirl - I have known her a very long time and she continues to impress me with her knowledge of Discord. Being one of the original members of @thealliance, she saw how we wanted help people and branched out with other initiatives like @theterminal and @ladiesofhive. I love what The Terminal people do, how welcoming they are and offer so much guidance. With our Web 2 and Web 3 pursuits, we feel she is perfect for this kind of operation.
Witty's Angels
  • @saffisara - Her willingness to help in any way she possibly can for many years now, has earned her the title of 'Angel'. Her heart is bigger than the Grinch's ever could get.
  • @brisby - Her communication skills are unmatched IRL and alongside @saffisara, they are an unbeatable team of joy and dedication - thus the 'Angel' role.
  • @snook - My sister-in-arms through everything, she brings gaming experience to a whole new level and has likely played every game ever. Only an 'Angel' can do that.

The Angels were plucked from the chaff to be Alpha testers, moral support leaders and no holds barred providers of valuable feedback about the game. You will likely see them handing out hugs in the server, making silly jokes and just being themselves. It's why I love them.



I've been asked this multiple times now, where is a link to the Discord? HERE IT IS. Feel free to jump in, mingle a bit and watch as the changes take place and it grows into an unstoppable beast. Those that have purchased packages will be assigned suitable roles and channels will be set up specific to you where new game drops for your memberships will be announced, Discord server specific freebies, all the things. I say in advance, welcome.

Packages Remaining:

  • OptiNISM - 10 - 5000 HBD each
  • Elite - 25 - 2500 HBD each
  • Player's Club - 49 - 1000 HBD each
  • Gamer's Guild - 250 - 500 HBD each
  • NISM Beta Testers - unimited - 100 HBD each
    You can see the full package details here in this post and decide which one is best for your wallet. If you would like to upgrade your package before the Web 2 launch, just chat with us in Discord and we'll work it out. See you on the inside.


Up Next -

NISM will tell a story, to be added to the lore of the game itself. It might not be a pretty story. It might not have a happy ending. It will however, dig deep into an aspect of the game that I know you will be interested in. This will initiate the birth of factions, what they are and how they will be a fun competitive component of NISM.

Useful Links:


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That sounds like a great team. Best of luck to you guys. !1UP


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Sounds cool, looking forward to playing!

Interesting project with a great team!
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so is this a webgl game ? or a mobile game that makes websocket calls to hive-keychain?

Good work, this is a very exciting project! I am sure we will be playing it!

@spiritsurge glad to see all of our talks helped flush this out.
when we talked so long ago about how to build Unity for Hive it is good to see it finally coming alive.

Great work man.