Ocean Planet - New NFT post-apocalypse adventure strategy

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Authored by @rollie1212

Cryptobrewmaster represents OceanPlanet

@Cryptobrewmaster team announces Ocean Planet new game Dapp on the Hive Blockchain made in collaboration

Andrew Kysil aka @rollie1212 @cryptobrewmaster CEO about Ocean Planet

I know @tyhran for a couple of years now, since I became his student in the game development class when I first thought about making @cryptobrewmaster on the blockchain. After @hivefest 4 in BKK we started to search for an art development team, so we arranged a phone call after which @tyhran joined @cryptobrewmaster team as an Art Director

This Summer @tyhran decided to develop his own game on the Hive blockchain and invited @cryptobrewmaster team as advisors.

We would like to represent @oceanplanet - New NFT post-apocalypse adventure strategy.

Tyhran Khachatrian aka @tyhran @oceanplanet CEO about Ocean Planet

Ocean Planet is an online game where anyone can become a true adventurer. In the nearest future, our world turned out to be not only flooded but also frozen all the way through. Will you be a self-confident treasure hunter, a cunning merchant, or a charismatic warrior? It's up to you to decide because the new world requires new heroes!

Check @oceanplanet lookbook and don't miss @tyhran speech @hivefest this Saturday @ 8.30 PM UTC

Our Links

Telegram Chat EN
Telegram Chat UA/RU


Great! Best wishes for development, scalability and success!

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Great to see so many independent game developers on HIVE!
Looking forward to your project!

Bringing Hive to the MOON all together!

YAY thanks)))

This looks great! Looking forward to more infos about the game :)

Sure we do some promotional posts ASAP

looks cool :)

Thanks (❁´◡`❁)

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Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

It's today! Do not miss the opening of HiveFest⁵

looking forward to the game! good luck :)


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Great to hear about another game. Looking forward to playing it.

pew pew)

Will add this one to my upcoming HIVE games post.

looking fwd to it!


Hi there, I have a question... Is it supposed for the Discord link to go to cryptex24?

I would advise disabling HTTP listening on the website.

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C24 (Cryptex Token - https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=CRYPTEX) is the native token of Cryptex24 will be the main token of the Ocean Planet for which you can make purchases and receive rewards in the game.

In Discord of Cryptex24 a separate chat has been created to discuss the Ocean Planet.

Nice... any relationship between you and the Cryptex24 exchange?

Cryptex24 exchange is the main partner of the Ocean Planet.

More information will be published later 😉