WIDILAND - The Beginning

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Today i going to write about a new NFT Mobile Game i start playing

The game is Farm Mode

Look like CropBytes but different

You can earn free but more faster when you buy NFT


The are 6 NFT Lands

Cropland, Desert, Dry land, Forest land, Aquatic land, Volcanic land

The are 4 NFT Characters

Farmer, Breeder, Cook and Miner


The Lands are for seeds because many of then can plant in specific land

The Characters are for different use in the game

Farmer : Can plant seeds

Breeder : Can work with Animals

Cook : Can cook and work in others Buildings .

Miner : Can cut trees and smack iron and other metals


Every day you receive quest which can earn you EXP to level up but except that you have other Quest who can give WSO ( is the one of two token of the game )


The WSO use for buy Building and upgrades

The WIDI use for buy NFT ( Lands, Characters )


You can withdraw your WSO in your wallet after connect it with your account and after that Swap it with BNB

The token are in BNB Blockchain and are already in Pancakeswap

Every Withdraw, Transfer, Buy, Sell will cost you BNB fees so remember to have some in your wallet

That it for now wait for my next post to see my progress on this


Until my next post..


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