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Hello, gamers. Welcome back to my blog.

We are still in the mountains of Silver Ridge Peaks and trying to uncover the secrets of the strange occurrences in the park. Read my previous post to find out what I am taking place. In a quick summary, we saw a theft and robbery of rail track and 'rock saw', and we had the brutal killings of mountain lions and vandalisation of other outposts.

That's not it we now have a missing Yoga instructor whose camp was found abandoned a few days ago. Her name is Baden and she even left her cell phone in the camp. Fortunately, we found out that she is headed towards Mount Ursula, a big mountain on the eastern side of the reserve.

Mount Ursula was at least 2 km away from my current outpost and it was going to be a long trek. I bought some more bullets as I was running out of 7mm polymer tip bullets for my rifle. Just minutes after starting my journey, I saw a small herd of Bighorn sheep drinking by the lake.

They were very well camouflaged into the big dried brownish grass. Can you believe there were 4 of them in that above screenshot? But once you spot them, an outline remains visible for a few seconds. I patiently waited and spotted the biggest out of them, a male weighing over 116 kg. I got a lung shot and it dropped dead right on the spot.

I continued my trek toward the mountain hearing all sorts of noises and warning calls from Bears, Rocky Mountain elks and Mule deers. I was running and making a lot of noises which spooked a lot of animals. I saw some tracks from Bear and started following them. They were going in the same direction as well, so I could afford to follow them for a bit.

I came too close to the bear and it turned and came charging towards me. At first, I thought it was going right towards me but it turned and tried to flee the scene. I quickly switched from holding my binoculars to my rifle and took a quick shot. I knew it was not going to be a vital shot or anything but it was still a lethal shot. I shot it in the lumbar region of the spine which made it die rather quickly.

This gave me a silver trophy and would have been gold if I had a vital hit. Unfortunately, the spine is not considered a vital organ but I have seen some quick kills from that region.

Okay, back to the mission, I keep getting distracted by all the noises and tracks that I find along the way. I saw a new outpost and unlocked it after reaching there. I now have a new quick travel location and other facilities available here.

This also gave me some XP which unlocked a new Perk point. Every other level I gain I get 1 skill point or 1 perk point which makes your game easier by giving you some nice perks and abilities. I bought the perk named, Muscle Memory, which reduces the weapon ready time after firing. This applies to all the weapons and it helps in taking more animals down from the same herd.

It was already 5 pm in-game and I still had a mountain to climb so I decided to call it a day and take a rest. I went to sleep and set my wake time to around 8 am. It was a beautiful morning, there was a big lake near this outpost and I went straight there to see if I can find some diamond trophy animals.

I saw a big herd of Mule deer drinking by the pool and a few Rocky Mountian elks. I made the mistake to take a long shot while I had the time to come closer. I lost my patience and took a shot without compensating for the bullet drop and I missed it.

They all got spooked and ran off. I waited for them to return but they didn't. So, I came a little closer and saw another herd of Rocky Mountain Elk with a Mule deer resting as well.

This time I took my time and shot both, the mule deer and one of the Elks. However, I had a hard time tracking them. I didn't bring my bloodhound with me on this trip and it was much harder to track all the blood trails. At last, after about 15 minutes I found both of them.

I took a little detour as I was tracking both of these. This made my trek a little longer. But I came back on the route and after some time I was climbing the final summit. It was not as steep as I expected but had both rocky and grassy patches.

I saw footprints and after investigating more I found her Yoga mat and other belongings, they didn't look good. There were bear marks as well and it looked like that a bear was following her.

There was a journal as well and we need to see if she wrote anything in it. She mentioned that she is been distracted by noises coming from nearby trees and she is waiting for accountants to meet her. She already lost her water bottle and ate a bunch of wildflowers. All that sounds like a disaster. This is an office retreat gone wrong or did someone intentionally do all this and this is part of some bigger conspiracy to defame the park and change the current warden of the reserve?

I still had to look for clues on this mountain top and soon I found a big splatter of blood. What a tragic end to this story. After all that trekking her down and we were so close but a bear found her before us.

This incident will be a big blow to the park and combined with the recent chaos this is like a final nail in the coffin. It seems like the park will be closed to visitors for a much longer period now.

I came down and found a new outpost nearby. This part of the map is more beautiful as it has a lot of mountains and valleys. However, it makes it challenging to go from one part to the other. But I like this a lot. The occasional lakes add to the beauty as well.

Thanks for reading...

Until next time...


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Thanks, IU

I had not seen this title, it looks amazing and very realistic, I imagine that hunting some animals will be quite complicated when they hide so well, I spent several minutes looking at the photo of the sheep and I could not see any other than the one that was marked by the sight haha, I think I would never see them if they are not in the open field.

 11 months ago  

This is one of the best titles in hunting simulations, its been around for over 5 years and still receive new updates in the form of new maps and species being added for hunting.

And just relying on seeing them would be so tough but luckily we have some other clues like warning or mating calls (with an indication from the direction of the call) and tracks on the ground. You can also look at their dropping and find out if it is fresh or old and then you can figure out if the animal is close by or not.

I enjoy this game a lot, I love the graphics and the ambient sounds it takes you to that place. Thanks for stopping by, @kuronokenshi 💙



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What an amazing view!