12 Ranked Tips To Help You Climb Ranks in Lost Light

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Production output is high lately so here's my Ranked Tips for Lost Light!

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12 Ranked Tips To Help You Climb Ranks in Lost Light

Behind the scenes

So this video is pretty similar to the last one but instead of Ops & Combat in general it focuses on Ranked Mode. Ranked plays a bit different than the normal mode so I thought it would be good to make them into separate videos. I decided to split my tips & tricks into three smaller videos seeing as they focused on different themes. This also meant I would be getting more videos up on my channel to flesh it out a bit.

The editing of this video flew by pretty smoothly as I already had all the recordings I needed to stich it together. Luckily I keep my recordings pretty tidy and systematic so finding all of the clips I needed was no problem. I also decided to not to the banners for this video and don't add any music to it. I don't really feel like it added any value to the video at all.


I'm also more straight to the point in this video. As you can see above a ton of people fall off in the first 20 seconds of my last video. Almost 50% of people who clicked the video. For this video I decided to drop the "like and subscribe" call to action and just get going with the tips instead. Now the first tip comes in at 9 seconds instead of 25 seconds in. We'll see how it goes.

This is probably the last video I'll be making on Lost Light in a while. I feel like I've kind of run out of content make for the game as of now. I guess I could do some loot guides about where stuff spawns but I don't feel like that's something I would enjoy doing. If I won't enjoy makint it it's unlikely to turn out good.

Again I have to dump the thumbnail somewhere in the post to be able to use it as a post thumbnail. I really wish you could upload thumbnails on the side without having to choose something from your post.

For my next video I'll probably be returning to Century: Age of Ashes. It's been over a month since last time the developers communicated anything to the community while the game is dying on their front lawn. I'm gonna address and rant about that for a bit.

After that I'll just have to see where the wind takes me. I might search for a new game or try and flesh out some content about the games I've covered already. I kind of start feeling the limitations of focusing on this niche and I've kind of wished I had started more of a personal YouTube channel. I'll have to do some digging to find some content to make. If anyone has any ideas feel free to drop them below!

Enjoy the video if you didn't watch it up above already!

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All images in this post are screenshots taken by me.

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Nice vid! Watched all the way through, liked, subscribed, and commented. Didn't know you had a youtube channel!

Thank you! I started the channel up during the summer. Currently focusing on free to play gaming hence the name.

Well, I come from Valorant and being aware of the corners is a rule, the rest of the material is useful to me because I didn't knew that haha, like what you say about securing equipment, which is not necessary.

although I still have a little way to go to get into rank mode.


Insuring gear is definitely worth it outside of ranked. It's much cheaper than buying the gear again.

I haven't watched the video yet and I'll watch it right now. I'm sure you put a lot of effort into your videos, but I think making too many videos on a game prevents it from standing out. I'm not sure about that.

I'm enjoying seeing your channel progress and I figured you'd have this lack of content at some point. I hope you can find a new game for your channel as soon as possible man. Good Luck!

oh, so DON'T insure.. that seems very counter to what u would think.

and KNOW the map! :)

all good tips. thanks!

Only in ranked though. Insuring is always worth it outside of ranked.