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So much to do so little time. I literally feel like I'm gonna need at least a thousand hours to fully explore this game. The world is just so damn huge and there's just so damn many things to make and factories to build. Every corner I turn there's something new for me to delve into and even something requiring me to build a whole new factory for.

Last time I spend most of my time out exploring and it was exactly the same. Around every corner there's something new to see and something new to find. All of that just makes you want to explore further and further away from you home base. Luckily I have my blade runners to speed things up...

Today I'm going to expand my coal plant to increase my power capacity. Building my factories last time really started pushing the limits to what I can power. I have plans for a big one.


All images in this post are screenshots taken by me.

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What a great game! I like it that you need to do the math by yourself in the game. It looks much interacting.
The graphic is good and I liked the idea of the environment where you do machinery work into the beautiful nature.

By the way, I don't see any direct link to your stream in this post. So I checked your twitch channel first and found the stream there.