Overwatch 2 Reaper Gameplay

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This surely is a surprise, isn't it? It was the same reaction and experience for me, especially when a call came through Discord from a few friends, as they wanted me to join them in their Overwatch 2 grind.

Even though I did have the intention of not downloading the game, because I barely get much time to play these days, and the time I do manage is invested behind a bit of COD or RDR 2. So a part me actually wanted to avoid adding another game on the list, especially a competitive title; yet, here we are, after quite a few hours of grinding.

After going through a proper Overwatch 101 and some tips and tricks, I got used to the game in about 2 hours or so, and I must say, that it surely was an enjoyable experience. I was out-fragging every other Overwatch player in my lobbies in just a few hours, on my first day of the Overwatch experience. So far in my completive and online gaming journey, no other competitive game felt as natural as Overwatch.


To be honest, I've never been a fan of Overwatch, I always thought that it's a type of game that doesn't suit my playstyle. But, after 13 wins in total combined, and a lot more matches, from both Unranked and pubs from that one sitting, I can now say that Overwatch is the perfect first person shooter for anyone and everyone, especially if you're playing with friends.

I've never gotten used to any other competitive game this fast, not even close, I just zoomed through the basics and 101 tutorials as I played away, and I don't know how that's possible.

The time it took for me to understand the gameplay mechanics and also to find out my role and preferred hero just took about an hour or so.

When I first laid my eyes on the Hero tab, Reaper was the character that caught my eye at first. My friends were suggesting me to try out the other damage characters, and I did, but in the end I settled for Reaper.

Soldier was a close second, and Sojourn was competing for top 3, but Reaper just takes the cake I'd say. The ability to spawn into a flank-able position, that up close and in your face advantage offered by his akimbo style weapons, combined with the wraith tactical to quickly disengage, the combo is just too good for me. Then we have that ultimate of his, which is perfect for someone who's good with positional, well timed plays.

So, can you blame for main-ing Reaper? He's just a no brainer choice for me and my playstyle.




My mates suggested that I should play as the main damage dealer, because they're aware of my running and gunning capabilities, so I simply complied and played as planned.

This match here is one of my favorites from that day; yet, I did have better matches, ones where I dealt double the damage and held a lot more eliminations too. But there's just something about these two maps here that I absolutely love; there's also another map, which I don't know the name of, but that map felt like quite a nice playground too.

I did manage to get some "pro" Reaper clips, some sneaky and effective ultimate plays too; the mates were amazed after seeing how fast I ended up mastering Reaper. All the enemy Reapers I faced didn't even stand a chance, and I find that funny; however, it was just the usual pubs matches and the unranked mode, things would surely be different in the ranked mode. But to access ranked mode I'll have to grind my way towards 40 wins, for now I only hold 13, as I mentioned before.

For some odd reason I think that Overwatch looks and plays a lot like League of Legends, Dota and other such MOBA games. All those different sorts of characters to choose from, powers, beams and light rays coming from all around. It's just that the MOBA games hold an aerial view, and here it's face to face, in first person haha.

If we are talking just about the game and its design and mechanics, then it does share similarities with other top and current FPS titles. The hero/champion system like Apex Legends, the objective modes like COD, graphics and characters abilities like Valorant, and shooting style like Halo, where no aiming or ADS is involved. Overwatch is an OG though, and Overwatch 2 stays true to that OG form factor and style, which is quite commendable. Nowadays you just see games and studios jumping from one yearly title to another, killing the originality of a game, just to make an extra buck.

I'll surely be hopping on for some more action in Overwatch 2, so you guys better be ready.

For now I'll leave it at that I guess, hopefully you guys will enjoy the gameplay. This might not be one of my best performances, but it surely was a fresh and fun experience for me. And I think that I didn't do too bad for an Overwatch newb, if I do say so myself haha.

I'll be taking a leave from here then, be seeing you folks on the next one.

Cheers & GG 🥃☮️