Metal War Game - an Alien World Killer?

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Back in a day I made an interview on my youtube channel with a lead developer of Metal War Game in the very beginning of the project, this video hit almost 5k views from the date of publishing, and a game hits 1,2K daily players!

Today I would like to introduce this game to Hive Community!

Metal War is a game developing on the WAX blockchain, started its path with a pack and collectibles drops on Wax Atomic Hub, representing a very nice and consistent roadmap and a community-based economy.

The whole idea in the automatic mode is to mine Shards and MWM - Metal with specific units. The key unit of the game is Hamster which is one of the ways of getting Metal, that required to repair itself and all the other units through the gameplay!

Another way to get MWM is to buy it on the ALCOR DEX which is WAX original DEX for tokens

Hamster NFT unit


Hamster can mine once per hour and produce 100 MWM, it has 800 health, and after each raid Hamster, just like the other units loses 10% of its health, so the MWM is a utility token \ material, that is consumed very fast!

Other game units

There are 5 more Raiding units currently in-game, that can be sent to raids in an automatic game mode once per hour, and mine a unit shards, that required to build new units!

The only possible ways to get a new unit in Metal War Game at this stage is to mine 500 shards of the same type, buy shards on the Alcor DEX or buy the whole unit on the Wax Atomic Hub Secondary Market


Crafting a new unit only available once you get 500 unit shards!

Here are the links to the Atomic Hub where you can find units available in the game:

Auto Game play

Every player eligible to send units Mining or Raiding once per hour


Rewards receiving instantly


Play 2 Earn?

Yes! And that could be counted here -
My 10 raids per day, when I'm really on it bringing me around 200 WAX with set of 4 units


What next?

According to the roadmap July - August Metal War will represent the PVP mechanics, and this will create a whole new field for the new players.


So as it always goes: all of the above is not financial advice, DYOR and check out this great project!

Detailed roadmap and a game could be found here & Official Telegram Group -


Wow! The cheapest unit is $40+... Seems like a high end game 😁

and this Unit is useless at the moment))


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its real?