Axies Infinity, Plant, beast, bird and nemesis formation strategies

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Hello great Hivegaming community, today I want to share with you some concerns and strategies of AXIE INFINITY, in previous post I told you about the formation of my 3 Axies, it's been 3 weeks, and I have learned a lot about the game.

So I want to share with you what are the strengths and weaknesses of the Plant, Beast, Bird formation.

Each Axie brings with him 4 short ones that define him almost entirely, except for other features such as eyes and ears but that's a topic for another post, I will proceed to show you the cards of my 3 Axies so you can appreciate their strengths.

Each Axie in my formation plays an important role against the enemy, in fact none is better than the other, let's start with my plant.

screenshot of the game taken by: @rubenp

The 4 cards of my plant are:

October tread: it is a card that generates a good amount of shield and if the shield is not broken at the end of the enemy's turn, you draw an additional card, the truth I think all plants have this card.

Vegetal Bite: this card has a low damage but when combined with another plant card it steals a move from the enemy.

Disguise: This card when combined with another plant type card generates a turn (it does not work if you use the same card to generate a turn, you must at least combine it with a different one.

Carrot Hammer: is a hit card that generates some shield and damage quite balanced, if this card is combined and the shield is broken it will generate a turn.

Basically my Plant card is a tank that generates turns to pave the way for the two remaining Axis.

Weakness, besides the fact that the beasts do a lot of damage, this plant lacks of cards that do substance damage, so if you repeat several turns many plant cards it will be a complicated game.

screenshot of the game taken by: @rubenp

Single Combat : it is a very special card when combined with two more beast cards, these make a critical to the enemy.

Nut Crack: this card generates 120% damage to enemies that are affected by its damage such as plants and Reptiles.

Ivory Stab: it is a simple damage card but if any card that is played together with this one generates a critical it will generate an additional move.

Nut Throw: is basically the same card as Nut Crack, if played in combination with Nut Crack it does 120% damage.

The problem with this beast is that it lacks shield and life, so it dies easily if it is not protected.

screenshot of the game taken by: @rubenp

The Bird: Many people tell me that it is my best card, the truth is that if I get the right cards of this card at the beginning of the duel, it gives me a good advantage.

Blackmall: This card seems to have a flaw in its description since it says that it transfers the Desbuff to the enemy but this is not so, it only transfers the Aroma card that I will talk about a little later.

Dark Swoop: It is a special card that allows the Bird to jump the enemy ranks and go for the fastest Axie of the enemy.

EggBomb: a card with good damage that leaves scent on the Bird, meaning that the next target of the enemy will be this Axie, unless we use it in combination with Blackmall to transfer the Aroma to the enemy Axie.

The worst enemy of this team is undoubtedly the combination Plant, Fish, Fish, why?

Basically because the peses have to increase their speed when taking damage and doing damage, in addition to generating turns with your plant some choose to have Pez that also generate turn, and if you do not have the right cards to kill their fish fast before your plant dies, you basically lost the game.

A key point is to know which of the Axie Pez to attack first, that will depend a lot on what kind of cards you have, but I always go for the fastest one, since this is the one who can make my life impossible.

I suppose that almost all Axie combinations have a nemesis team, what is yours? Greetings and see you in the next post.