Why did Hideo Kojima give a different message in MGS3?

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Greetings Gamers, with the current waiting for the next game by Hideo Kojima, either by Dead Stranding 2 or the long awaited release of a Silent Hill made by him, I was remembering his best video games, or how not the thing is decided to decide which is the best Metal Gear, I have a simple and firm answer now that I've played them all, the best of the saga is Metal Gear Solid 3, but I said I want to listen to someone with a different vision than the one I have of the game, so I decided to look for critics on Youtube, of course for my native language, I chose Dayoscript, if you are people who speak English I recommend you to watch their videos with subtitles, so you will appreciate a good video game review.

After the release of Metal Gear Solid 2 Hideo Kojima did not come out very well, since even though it was brilliant, the plot of this game was very convoluted and difficult to digest, I remember playing it the first time with about 15 years old and not understanding anything of what was happening in the game, of course I played it in 2005.

Although I understood parts of the plot, I didn't understand the final stage, I didn't know why one after another Metal Gear Ray came out, because they had to undress Raiden, although the breaking of the 4th wall, with the end of the game screens, yes, because I had the experience of the first of the saga.

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Quoting Dayo, this game is the opposite of what Kojima was expressing in his previous works, to which I must respond is that this game has a protagonist who is the bad guy from other points of view, reflecting that in certain cases there is no good and evil if not from the point of view of him who observes it with spacetime itself.

Kojima after Song of Freedom, made a few steps behind looking at his work, as if it were a movie, then presented a prequel to the story of Big Boss that person of which clones were made to mimic the formula of the supersoldier, since as the world had only one, ie the government bet on the genetic formula of Big Boss before the same Metal Gear, from there would be born Liquid, Jack, and Solidus, 3 soldiers with very high capabilities, but none superior to Big boss.

So in my opinion Metal Gear 3 does not come to continue the same lines of dialogue, that the previous installments, the similarities is because they are copies of it, but they are different individuals, from the rebelliousness of Solid Snake, to the euphoria of Liquid, they tell different stories, different sides, but that the game feels with a different narrative.