Battle Mage Secrets-Lost Legendaries

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Hi guys,

Welcome to my blog. This is an entry to the splinterlands weekly battle mage secrets contest. For this week we have a different rule set at hand and I had to try my tactics on it as well. The season is almost ending, I hope we have been able to loot a lot of season chest thus far. If you have not been able to no worries. There’s still time.

For this battle I’ll be using my account @rubilu and here is how it went.

Battle Rulesets

Ruleset IconDescription
image.pngLost Legendaries: Legendary Monsters may not be used in battles.

With this Ruleset, I couldn’t say if I’d win the game. Honestly I’d already played a couple games with this same Ruleset and lost woefully. With the other games I lost cause I depend mostly on the legendary monsters to make a good battle. This time round I had to change my strategy and well it looks like it worked.

My line up


My opponent’s lineup



I chose the bortus summoner and I’d admit I made a wrong choice to begin with lol. I had seen my opponents last five battles and thought he’d make the mistake of bringing magic cards but I was wrong. My opponent brought only one magic which didn’t really help me. One will say what of the cards that am using? I could have gotten those cards with a different summoner as well.

Apart from the -1 magic in my opponents line up I didn’t get any additions to my monsters from my summoner. This was a 31 mana game and as usual I loved the huge mana. Since I couldn’t use oshanus I had to replace it with Nerissa Tridawn( a magic card)

1st position


Coastal Sentry. This is a card I hardly use but then I call upon it when I don’t have the chance to use mylor and obsidian summoners. This is a 10 mana card with 3 speed. It has a melee attack of 3 and a health of 6. It also has shield of 1. One of the things I love about the coastal sentry is that it attacks twice each round.

Round 1

My opponent had the Thaddius Brood summoner which subtracts -1 magic and also -1 health. I had two magic cards and theoretically only one of my monsters could suffer that -1 magic effect.

The first attack was launched by me since I had the card with the highest speed. My coastal sentry made the first attack on my opponents first position card. Since it attacks twice it was able to vanquish his shield and then also attack a bit of his health. My nerissa tridawn took advantage and attacked next at his first card position. He was able to reduce his health back to 6. His venari spellsmith made the next move of my coastal sentry and made impact on his health since he was a magic card.


My river nymph made the next attack on his first position card and made just a -1 health damage. My merdhampir made the next move but with a range attack of 1 it made damage by just -1 to its health. His horny toad made the next move on my magic card( nerissa tridawn) , with a range attack of 2 it made damage of -2 to its health.

His elven defender(first position card) was preparing to make the next move on my coastal sentry but before that my healer healed him back to 7 before he made the attack. But then again he had a shield protection so he could only clear his shield. With one melee attack my deeplucker vanquished his horny toad card.

In this round I was able to kill his horny toad card and he couldn’t kill any of mine.

Round 2

In this round my coastal sentry made the first attack on his elven defender(first position card). It reduced its health drastically to a one. Without a healer card in my opponents line up I was sure I would vanquish it. Mind you, the coastal crystal is a card that attacks twice in each round so she did the job for me.

After vanquishing it his bone golem came into the first position. My nerissa tridawn made the first move on it and could only reduce his health by 1. My river nymph attacked too but made no damage to it. His venari spellsmith made the next move on my coastal Crystal and made minimal damage to its health. Merdhamphir made the next move with a range attack of 1 but could only make little damage; just clearing his shield.


His mantiod made the next move on my magic card(nerissa tridawn) and made impact on his health as well. Quickly my coastal crystal was healed back to a health of 5. My deeplucker made an attack on his venari spellsmith and vanquished it. His bone golem made an attack on my coastal crystal and almost vanquished her.

In this round I was able to kill two of his cards and he was not able to kill mine.

Round 3

After killing almost all his cards his was left with 3 cards. I attacked first and with two hits from my coastal Crystal I left his bone golem helpless. My nerissa did 1 more damage and left his golden with just 1 health.


My merdhampir made the last kill on his golem with a range attack.

In this round none of our cards died.

Round 4

In this last rounds of the game I was getting increasingly confident. This is because he had just two monsters left and I had all my six cards intact. The interesting thing about this was that I still had my healer intact.


His mantoid made the first move on my magic monster and made minimal damage. My deeplucker attached his first card and removed his shield. My coastal crystal made the next move and with just two hits vanquished his card. Since his mantoid was a range card coming into the first position he couldn’t attack and I saw it off quite easily.


I killed the rest of his cards in this round and won. In this match it took me 4 rounds but I think the selection was cards was what decided how the battle went. The healer cards positioning was of great help to me.

This is my battle link

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