Battle Mage Secrets- Reverse Speed

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Hi splinter warriors,

Welcome to my blog. The season has ended and I hope we got pretty good rewards in our season chests. This time round I was able to get 39 chests. I think it’s good since the previous two weeks were busy for me. Hopefully this season I can get more chests.

This is an entry to the weekly battle mage secrets contest. So yeah, let’s get into it.

Battle Ruleset

Ruleset IconDescription
image.pngReverse Speed: Monsters with the lowest speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.

With this Ruleset, I’ve stopped paying attention to the lowest speed stuff. I tried mixing up how I played the other time and ended up losing badly. So I went with my regular formation and came out on top.

My line up


My opponents line up


Summoner: Obsidian. This time round I went for my favourite summoner, the obsidian summoner is a summoner with just 4 mana. It’s a summoner that grants all your magic cards a +1 magic. I especially love this card simply because I the use a lot of magic cards in my lineup up so yh I love it when am able to use it.

1st position


Grund. Are there any special reasons for choosing Grund as my first position card? Yes. It attacks twice each round and with a health of 10 am sure it’s gonna stay for some time in the match. It’s a 10-mana card with 3 melee and 3-speed. With this Ruleset in play, I was sure it was gonna end up attacking last since it was the card with the second-highest speed in the game.

Round 1

With the reverse speed Ruleset in play my opponent's card attacked first. It was his stitch leech with the first attack on my Kron, with a melee of 2 it has just little impact on Kron.

The next attack was on grund. He had a range attacker which did same damage as his stitch leech. But as soon as he attacked Grund, the goblin psychic healed it back to its full health.
After healing grund, it made the next attack of the round on my opponent’s first position card and vanquished it. Unfortunately on my side, my opponent’s summoner had the rebirth ability and immediately resurrected his card that I vanquished.


After coming back from death, my magic attacker (Khmer princess) did the rest to kill it.

His chaos knight came into the first position and immediately made its first attack of the game on my grund. His Venari Crystalsmith was the next to attack Grund but with just 1 range attack it didn’t affect me much. Time meddler attacked next and did a 2 magic damage to Grund.

Kron attacked and vanquished his chaos night with his first attack of the round.

His stitch leech came into first position but with just one hit Grund vanquished it. His time meddler came into first position but then Grund still had another attack. Grund could only clear part of its shield.

Regal Peryton attacked it next but couldn’t kill it off.

In this round, I killed half of my opponent's card and he killed none of mine.

Round 2 -3

In this round it was obvious that I was gonna win, it was just a matter of time. My opponent Time Meddler had part of his shield restored. But it was my opponent’s rune crafter who made the first attack of this round on my grund.

With a combined effort, the goblin psychic and Khmer princess vanquished my opponent's time meddler.

His venari crystal smith came into first position and with just one attack kron killed it.


His rune crafter came into first position now and well it doesn’t attack in first position so it was just a matter of time. At this stage, none of my 6 cards was killed.

Grund took the honours but only one of its attacks got to it. Regal Peryton and the goblin psychic took the initiative to vanquish it.


With this Ruleset, what helped me was that I had powerful cards. The speed factor would have been of great help to my opponent if he had very powerful cards but it is what it is.

A match that looked like it was gonna be difficult was easy at the end.

This is my battle link

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