Splinterlands Social Media Challenge - Magic In The Summoners

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Hi warriors,

Welcome to my blog. This is an entry to the splinterlands weekly social media challenge. For this week, I’ll be writing about a battle.

For this battle, I used my account @rubilu. I am currently in the bronze II league hoping to get into bronze one before the season ends.

Battle Rulesets

Ruleset ImageDescription
image.pngStandard: No modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.

I seem to like the standard Ruleset simply because it doesn’t restrict me on the type of cards I can use. I use a lot of magic cards in my line up and they work best with either the Mylor or Obsidian summoner so it’s quite easy when I get the standard Ruleset.

For this one, I didn’t go with my usual line up though. So let’s see how I managed to win this battle.

My line up


My opponent’s line up



For this game, I used the Keyla Frendul summoner. With this summoner, all my monsters get a +1 speed and also a +1 shield. With the way things went, I think the addition of speed and shield was a contributing factor to my winning this match. I had two cards with a lot of speed so I think I was kind of lucky. My opponent brought the Bortus summoner which decreased my magic attack by -1. He predicted I’d bring djinn oshanus and he was right but one thing I was that I only had one magic card which am thankful for doing.

This was a 34-man game and I brought 5 cards to face my opponent.

1st position


Crystal Sentry. Am not gonna lie, there are only two reasons why I love this monster. One of the reasons being it attacks twice each round and the other is it has a speed of 3. With a speed of 3 am sure it will surely get the chance to attack before my opponent's card make a move. With the addition of 1 to my monster cards, I was in luck.

The Crystal Sentry is a 10 mana card with 6 health, and a 3 melee attack with 3 speed. It also has a 1 shield in addition. With its attacking stats of 2 each round am sure to make maximum damage to my opponent's monsters in each round.

Round 1

With his bortus summoner, he reduced my magic by 1. My speed increased incredibly and I was ready to go. With the highest speed, my monster attacked first. My Oshanus card with a speed of 6 made the first move in his first position card(venari marksrat). With just one magic attack I made little damage and reduced its health by just one. His oshanus card retaliated and did a 2 magic damage to my coastal sentry card.

With its first attack of the round, my costal sentry card vanquished my opponent's first position card. Left with a second attack in the round my opponent's djinn oshanus card came into the first position. My coastal sentry made its last of the round on it and decreased its health by 2. I was in luck as I brought a healer along. Because my coastal sentry suffered a hit it was quickly healed back to 6 health.


My opponent had a healer card as well but my deeplucker vanquished it even before it could do any healing.

My spirit hoarder made the next attack but with a reduced magic of 1, it made no damage on my opponent’s Oshanus card. His merdhampir made an attack and reduced my coastal crystals shield to a 1. His deeplucker immediately wanted to seize the opportunity to vanquish my healer as well but I was in luck since it had a shield stats from the summoner I used.

His riverboat guardian made the next move on my coastal Crystal, made a -2 health damage and with a blast, ability did more damage to my next monster.

In this round, I killed two of my opponent's cards but he couldn’t kill any of mine.

Round 2

In this round, his Oshanus card me the first move on my coastal Crystal. With a magic of 3, it almost vanquished it. My oshanus card made the next attack on his oshanus card but as usual, made no damage to it. My costal Crystal attacked his oshanus next almost vanquishing it. Well, I knew I would kill it since my opponent didn’t have a healer anymore.

I was in luck as my coastal Crystal who was almost killed was healed back to a 3. My deeplucker took the chance and vanquished his Oshanus card next.


His riverboat captain came into first position and my spirit header took advantage to land the first attack on it. With a magic attack of one I reduced his health by 1; not a lot of impact heh? His merdhampir made the next move on my coastal Crystal and was finally able to clear its shield.

His deeplucker took the opportunity and easily vanquished it with just one attack. My oshanus came into the first position with his card making the first attack on it. He made little impact but the blast ability also meant it would affect my healer.

In this round, I killed 1 of his cards and he was able to vanquish one of mine too.

Round 3

Oshanus attached back but made just a little damage. Deeplucker took advantage and vanquished the riverboat captain.

His deeplucker came into the first position and with a magic attack of 1 my spirit hoarder made the first attack on it. It made little damage with his merdhampir attacked oshanus next and clearing his shied stat.


His deeplucker made the last attack of the round on my oshanus card but missed his attack. I was fortunate cause if it made that attack it could have changed the direction of the game.

None of our monsters died in this round.

Round 4


My oshanus made the first attack of this round and made very little damage. My deep lucker took advantage and attacked his deeplucker leaving it a health of one. My spirit hoarder then took advantage and vanquished it.

In this round I killed one of his cards and he couldn’t kill mine.

Round 5

With only one card remaining for this round, my opponent was good as dead before this round even started. This is because with his last card it had just one range attack stat. It didn’t even make a single attack cause my oshanus card and deep lucker made the first two attacks and vanquished it easily.


Well when I saw the selection of cards I thought I was gonna lose this game. Why? Because he has the bortus summoner and I know what the summoner can do to you. Infact that summoner has helped me win a couple of games so I thought I was gonna loose.


My win was because of my increased speed and this time round I didn’t reply on my oshanus card as well so it was pretty helpful.

This is my battle link

All images are from splinterlands.com and splintertools.io


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