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Hi guys,

Welcome to my blog.

This is an entry to the weekly Splinterlands social media contest. This week I’ll be writing about one of my battles. This season I’ve not been very active in the game due to a few reasons but now that we have it out of the way I hope I can find time to play the game more.

So let’s get into it.

This time round I’ve not been able to get into Bronze I so easily that’s cause I’ve not been playing but hopefully I can get into Bronze I quickly.

Battle Ruleset

Ruleset ImageDescription
image.pngHealed Out: All healing abilities are removed from monsters and summoners.

Am not gonna lie, this is a rule set that I hate so bad. I rely heavily on cards and summoners that heal in the game so to have a rule set like this spoils my mood lol. So with this type of ruleset, I mostly go for cards that normally don’t have the healing ability. This is where having a card that stuns is really helpful in your lineup cause your opponent's card misses his round of attack and then with a heavy attack, you can finish it off.

My line up


My opponents line up



Yes, I normally use the obsidian and mylor summoner but since I was not gonna use Kron the underlying I opted to use the Franz Ruffmane summoner this time round. I chose this especially because I have my favourite cards in the life cards there. With the Franz Ruffmane summoner, I get the chance to have my cards get a +1 shield and also I have the option of choosing one gladiator card for battle.

Since I recently got Captain Katie using the Franz Ruffmane summoner has been a cool one. It is a 6-mana summoner as well so it's because pretty had to select a lot of cards after choosing it especially if your mana cap for battle is low.

Round 1

My cards had the highest speed but I couldn’t attack first. My opponent's summoner decreased my speed by -1 so he attacked first. He made a magic move on his runeslinger, a stunner card. It was a deadly move as it could only reduce my health by 1. Unfortunately for me, he had the pelacor arbaliest, a card I adore so much. This card attacks twice with a range attack of 2. Fortunately, on my side, its first attack on my stunner card missed and as such his second attack made damage. His first position card, the garguya scrapper made the next move on my stunner card as well and made little damage.


After all his attacks it was time for Captain Katie to attack. Captain Katie has 3 magic so with just one attack I finished off my opponent's time mage. Mind you, Captain Katie is a blood lust card and as such had an increase in its health, shield, speed and also magic by +1.

My opponents Stitch Leech made the last and final attack of this round.

In this round, I killed one of the opponent's cards with all mine intact.

Round 2

Since I killed my opponent's card which had the highest speed, I was the first to attack in this round. Captain Katie took the chance to attack first and quickly kill off his palacor abaliest and quickly vanquished it as well. As I said, it’s a blood lust card and with that kill it increased in stats as well.


His first position card made the next move on my stunner. At this stage, I realised I might have made a mistake by putting it first. It was a range attack card which could not attack while in first position so I was kind of doomed but also fortunate enough since my captain Katie was doing the job all on its own. The stunner's job was halfway done since it was there to only take hits.

His stitch leech made the next move on Captain Katie but with just 2 melee it made little damage.

Round 3 - 4

Captain Katie took the chance to vanquish his first position card as well. As usual, bloodlust applied. Only one of my opponent’s cards was left in this round. It was a melee card with just 3 health. I knew I would kill it but just didn’t know when.


Immediately the stitch leech came into first position it made the first move on my stunner card and killed it. Captain Katie came Into first position and with one round of attack vanquished it.

I must admit I was fortunate the battle manner was low or should I say my opponent didn’t have a lot of powerful cards. I say this cause I made the mistake of putting in a range attack card in the first position which obviously doesn’t attack in the first position. I was only fortunate as it had good health and took the hits to give Katie a chance to kill my enemy.


I would love to say Katie did it all on her own but then without the other card taking off of the hits, it would have been deadly for Katie.

This is my battle link

All images are from splinterlands.com


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