I made a ping pong game(playable right from browser)

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Hello Everyone !!!
Hope you have a great day and have fun playing!!.

Screenshot 2023-04-08 110133.png
click this link to play the game directly on your browser

move up -> press "w" or "up arrow"
move down -> press "s" or "down arrow"
to restart, click the restart on top of screen.

Score 5 to win.

I have been interested in making games for so long, so last month I installed Unity on Windows since they are great for beginners and provide lots of tutorials and tools, unity has a very large user base and if you can think of any game mechanic and want to make it into a game but do not know how to do that, there is someone already done it and made a tutorial for it, so as a beginner, unity was very appealing to me and I chose unity.

if you want to make games too, do proper research on some of the game engines before learning them. there are lots of engines such as unreal engine, godot, scratch, constructor, etc. and they are free. so I started learning how to make games from scratch by following some tutorials on youtube. but that won't work well since I just follow what they are doing instead of learning from it, so I thought maybe I should make a game on my own by just reading blogs and surfing through the documents provided by Unity, and I did.

a lot of people on the internet were suggesting to make games that had already been done like flappy bird, ping pong, etc. so I made ping pong from scratch it was challenging to make but I made it and learned a lot in the process. I also attached some screenshots.

Screenshot 2023-04-08 110430.png

Screenshot 2023-04-08 110334 (2).png

I hope you like it! If you are curious about how it works, I will make a post about how I made it and break down everything in my next post. So, please don't forget to tell me if you liked it or not.

I'm creating a color switch game right now, and I'm also putting a scoreboard system in place to keep track of player scores. But I've found that it takes a lot of work, and I'll have to pick up a few new skills to make it happen. Please let me know if you're interested in these kinds of games. Your encouragement and enthusiasm will motivate me to acquire all the knowledge required to produce a game with an interactive scoreboard that highlights top scorers. these efforts are experiments for now, if everything works out we might make some fun multiplayer games which we can play right on browser with other hive users and this can change how we interact with a typical post in hive, you can play games from a post, how cool is that?.


game development is an exciting and challenging field that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Unity is a great tool for beginners, with a large user base and plenty of tutorials and resources available. Learning how to make games from scratch can be a rewarding experience, and there are many free game engines available to explore.

Have fun playing!!!...
Thank you for your time and attention.


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I heard of Unity but never really made anything with it. I just know how that works but never really got to it further. That's definitely interesting stuff!

you should give it another try man, its very rewarding once you make a game object and program it to behave like you want, a lot of fun experimenting with Unity and making your own games, currently I have a hard time getting my hands on some assets or creating my own assets, but I started learning photoshop, but I have a long way to go tho!!.

It's pretty cool dude. I tried it a bit for fun and the AI managed to match me better than I'd like to admit hahaha, very cool. I didn't know unity could do stuff like that, in my mind unity was only for 3D projects.


Thanks, man, I appreciate the comment. It's quite the opposite, unreal engine provides more tools that are more appealing for 3d games. for 2d games tho Unity is more convenient, hollow knight, cult of the Lamb, and many 2d games were made in Unity. Of course, you can make 3d games with Unity too.

Making a game is much harder than it looks. Even a simple game can take hours. I'm excited about what you're going to do and I hope you can accomplish it, man. Good luck!

I just want to give you some advice. If you want to improve in Hive, one of the keys is engagement. You should visit other people's posts and comment on them. That way you can make a lot of friends and that can also mean more people to play your game.

It is time-consuming work, but it is a lot of fun too. it's all about how you perceive the progress. I'm just making some replicas for now dude. I don't have the proper assets to make my own game, I either have to buy assets or make my own assets, but making my own assets means I need to learn Photoshop and spend more time making them. I just started learning Photoshop, so ill be making games with simple assets for some time.
Thank you for your advice dude, I will definitely keep that in mind and engage with others as I possibly can. thanks for the thought bro.
Have a nice day!!!.

 5 months ago  

Tried it, it worked and the AI worked too...so congratulations, your first Unity game actually works well! That's pretty nice, considering how even doing that in Unity as a complete beginner feels like a daunting task, and I'll be looking forward to more development tales from you as you slowly but surely start thinking on bigger ideas to try with :)

Thanks man. it was very hard at first and didn't make sense but I didn't give in, I thank myself for that. I am working on a project right now. Can't wait to finish it and share it with you guys!!!
Have a nice day dude!!.

i made a game too
its called Quest For Stoken
you can login with hive and earn hive