All refunds finally done!

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Just a Quick update regarding refunds.

  • Refunds for prepurchased starter packs will be sent out AFTER the account's powerdown: PAID
  • Refunds for buying test items: PAID
  • The rewards for the top-ranking players: PAID

I want to say thank you to everyone who has shown us support and who stuck with us through thick and thin. I am happy to say the powerdown was finally completed (unstaked) and now all the refunds and payments have been completed. Thank you!

I will keep the list and those who would like to take part in the Gotchi Heroes game can come and collect a free Starter Pack on us as a thank you for sticking with us and always being so patient. This will be a little later down the line and I will create another post and tag everyone again.

@foxon @louis88 @mister-meeseeks @zord189 @traciyork @forykw @nateaguila @perceval @cranium @oleg326756 @cwow2 @enjar @primersion @holger80 @jongolson @detlev @michealb @pavonj @elianaicgomes @mattclarke @kevinli @beco132 @kiokizz @chronocrypto @ash @tobetada @eirik @gastontrussi @crazy-andy @edouard @magascon @rezoanulvibes @deathwing @minimining @elizacheng @iamjadeline @danielwong @rivalzzz @khan.dayyanz @bitandi @kentzz001 @bboyady @reiseamateur @chittysity @khazrakh @maini @casilokodesing @cryptoriddler @greendeliver-sm @lafona @dera123 @filotasriza3 @gregory-f @karinxxl @bitcoinmalaysia @sirdemian @vincentnijman @jelly13 @deepresearch @yonilkar @travelgirl @dragokazo @mangowambo @kissi

Competition Winners:
@proto26 @henryclarke @casilokodesing @casilokodesing


Didn't know you were going to do a post, otherwise, I would have left my command here that I did on your previous post.

Thank you! I will most likely try to explore the game anyway... that's my nature. And maybe in the future, it will be possible to reintegrate back on HIVE.

Haha, yeah as we were typing this up we saw your comment. Great idea though, we wanted to let everyone know.

Well, you will have a free starter pack so that means free rewards anyway. You will have to check it out =)

Hey dude i saw a refund feom yoy and what a pity this will be build on the neighbor chain.

But uhh... I am not sure I have ever deposited funds by you guys? So im not sure it is in the right wallet. Or did i?

Regardless...saaaaaaad and good luck!!

Yeah, the game cancellation on Hive on moving to Polygon was perhaps one of the hardest decisions we had to make. We checked our wallet and it does indeed look like you did send in funds ages ago =P

Well super good luck then on moving into Polygon, and please do put up some updates here so we can see what is going on and see if we need to take a peek over there!

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@slowsundaygames hey good you know I also won a starter pack here is the link when I won: I was waiting for the game to start but with what happened I guess I will get my starter pack back.

Ah you are right indeed, seems like we missed that one! Sorry about that! Sending your Hive right away, thanks for the reminder. =)

Respect for all the work done!!!

Thanks, even now, still so much to do. An uphill battle, but we are trying our best!