Come and Test UNSUNG HERO | 200 HIVE Prize Pool

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  • Inventory not refreshing, to manually refresh the inventory send 0.001HBD to @unsung-cards
  • Merging
  • Stones and skills not being equipped
  • Area button broken after a few rounds of item buying

We are working on fixing these ASAP.

After what seems like an eternity we are proud to say we are moving into the testing phase and getting ready for launch. We welcome every Hero to come and have a look at the live game and also hop into DISCORD for any questions/comments/feedback. Please keep in mind this is not the final product and we still have a lot of tweaking to do. This testing phase will be to test core features and find bugs. Once it is fully playable and working the way it should, then we will polish and improve the UI.



With all that being said, let's jump right into testing!

Visit and log in with your Hive account via Keychain account to get started

If all goes well you should be greeted with a message saying you need a starter pack, go ahead and click YES. This will give you 15 items which will be more than enough to start slaying monsters! You can also buy more items by clicking BUY in the top right corner.


(P.S. Hive Nodes are acting up a bit so if you do not get your starter items in a minute or two, try again, or just click NO and head to BUY in the top right corner and buy 5 items. This will refresh the inventory.)

Now you should have at least ONE Hero and One Weapon! Go ahead and equip them to start your game. Simply drag and drop them to the right location and sign with Keychain.



Now that you started killing monsters it will be a good idea to equip your other gear to increase your DPS (Damage Per Second). Just drag and drop any other gear you might have to their allocated inventory slots, but be sure to check their stats to make sure you equip the best possible gear.


You will encounter a Boss Monster at every 10th Level. They have increased HP and a timer. Fail to kill the monster fast enough and you will go back to the previous level.


There are some other game mechanics that we will go into this weekend as well. So be sure to check our blog this weekend as there will be lots more to come!




Since this test might go on for some time we think a competition is in order! The top 10 players will share in the 200HIVE prize pool! Check your rank by clicking RANKING in the top right corner. More details about the competition will end will be in our Discord!

75 Hive
50 Hive
25 Hive
10 Hive
5 Hive


We would like to thank everyone who is willing to help out with testing and ask you to please leave their comments/bugs/feedback in our Discord.

Best of luck building up your rank!


DISCLAIMER: This game is not done yet and items bought will not be carried over to the final version. The items are purely for testing. Spending HBD on items and starter packs will later be refunded to everyone.


Awesome! Was really looking forward to this launch (or well, test launch for now) :D. Will try it out, check a few of the mechanics and then do a video about it on my channel :).

Thanks, but maybe hold on with the video, we are still far from done. This is only a test, for now, do a video when we launch with the real version =)

Haha okay! I was not sure how good this test version already is, but if you say better wait, I'll do :D

Thanks, appreciate it! Once we go with our Alpha launch a video would be awesome =)

I don't understand how the rankings work. I am on monster 150+ and counting.
Is it by Hero tokens earned? Is that even a thing yet?
I really like the idea. Good luck with the development, i'll be following it.

Hero Rank is determined by your DPS and Maximum Level Reached. We had to let DPS and Level work together for your Hero Rank because if we only picked level it opens up possibilities for farming with multiple accounts. This way you need your items in your account for your DPS to determine your Hero Rank. This will still get tweaked a little with testing, but it will always be about DPS and Max Level

Hero tokens will be earned with the full version, after this test.

yes, lets go :D

seems fun !
buying packs are still not workign right ? im getting errors

It should work, what errors are you getting? We are noticing Hive Nodes giving us some problems so inventory is not updating well.

it worked now !

merge itens are not wrking still right ? this merges i could not get.

but i manages to get some cards ! around 420 now

thanks !

It was working, but it got broken. We are aware of it and will sort it out. =)

It should work, what errors are you getting? We are noticing Hive Nodes giving us some problems so inventory is not updating well.

seems fun !

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game seems crazy today !


Yep! We testing broke it, which is good and bad we guess. This way at least we see what needs fixing. Sit back and relax while the devs try and get to the bottom of this.

Im currently testing it, if something goes wrong i let you know

Appreciate it!

I noticed a few bugs, but reading the post, most of them are reported, if i notice any non reported one, then i would aproach the discord server XD

Merging items suddently banish and cease to exist :D

exciting new new to hive

Tried it out, couldn't get any items. I clicked on buy and bought items many times and it ever worked :/

It's still in testing. That said, it's been a while since we heard from the team.

any update or time to lauch this game soon?