Winners! | Competition #10 | Area/Monster Design | 50 HIVE Prize! | TESTING UPDATE

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UPDATE #4: Testing and coding. Coding and testing. The list of to-do's keeps growing and shrinking, the more we fix the more we release we need to tweak and add. The coders are hard at work when they have free time, sadly they also have their lives that they need to focus on so sometimes progress can be a little slow. Rest assured though, the coding is moving forward at a decent pace. Without jinxing it, we hope for a live test run near the end of May. We Will see how it goes!

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Congratulations to @thepredator04 !! Your design was pure awesome sauce! The sketch was amazing and the octopus was a nice fit for us. We really hope you like what @yunayuna did with the final design. Please let us know in the comments!

Initial Monster design from @thepredator04:


The final design that will be featured in Unsung Hero:

The Wanderer

The Wanderer.png


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This will be our 10th competition, we will pick one Monster design OR one Area design winner.


Some Basic Rules!

  • Designs must be your own.
  • Deadline when this post reaches payout.
  • Keep it clean and family-friendly
  • Areas are simple/basic designs
  • Monsters can have a bit more detail
  • Give your area/monster a name
  • OPTIONAL: Use the #unsunghero tag

We will select ONE winner this week (1 Monster or 1 Area) and they will win 50 HIVE!

After this post reaches payout we will review the designs and get @yunayuna to create your design for Unsung Hero. Then when we announce the next competition we will announce the winners and show you what your idea will look like in the game!

Best of luck to everyone!

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For more info about Unsung Hero please click HERE

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Well, it wasn't meant to be creepy. To begin with, I was more imagining a mostly white rooster with a purple gobble and blue streaks, but this is what came of it 👀.


Came out great. I like the gill/vent/air intakes. Makes it look energetic, like the hood of a muscle car, with the engine poking out.
My boys both have art in the game, I might have to pick up the pencil myself.

Indeed, the design for the Lost Soul gave us some cool ideas, so let's just say people will learn to love and hate that Alpha boss!

You're up! We are waiting!


Hello, greetings to the entire Slowsundaygames and Unsunhero team! Here my participation this week, this was an idea from a long time ago that I had in mind through a dream. I call it "The Dimensional Terror". I hope you like it.

horror cosmico.jpg

Incredible! The original was already good and now the in-game version looks epic! Congratulations, @thepredator04 !

Yeah, @yunayuna keeps surprising us with better and better designs. =) Glad you think it is cool!

@proto26 Thank you so much for the congratulations!

Wow, what a surprise, I’m really happy to know that my design liked, it’s an honor to have participated and won the challenge! Thank you very much, I will soon be sending another participation created from my wit, I will start doing it right now! Thank you for everything!

We are super pleased with your initial idea and looking forward to some more ideas as well! Keep them coming!

Congrats again!

That is some dope work. Very nice.

Very nice indeed, @yunayuna keeps delivering. Feels like she just keeps getting better and better!

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Here is my entry. I call it "Otherworldly Flora". Inspired by several different types of plants.