Winners! | Competition #11 | Area/Monster Design | 50 HIVE Prize!

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UPDATE #5: Testing went well and we got a list of bugs and issues to look at. The bummer is our in-house coder had to take some time off to study and focus on his exams. That finished last week so we had about two weeks of downtime, but in that time the UI and gameplay were being worked on. So while there no new updates pushed we did indeed work on quite a bit in the background. With both coders back at it again we will hopefully be pushing a new update for testers soon. As for going live for everyone to test and play I think we still have some work to do...

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Congratulations to @kiokizz !!

Initial Monster design from @kiokizz:

Phantom Chicken.png

The final design that will be featured in Unsung Hero:

Phantom Chicken

Phantom Chicken.png


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This will be our 11th competition, we will pick one Monster design OR one Area design winner.


Some Basic Rules!

  • Designs must be your own.
  • Deadline when this post reaches payout.
  • Keep it clean and family-friendly
  • Areas are simple/basic designs
  • Monsters can have a bit more detail
  • Give your area/monster a name
  • OPTIONAL: Use the #unsunghero tag

We will select ONE winner this week (1 Monster or 1 Area) and they will win 50 HIVE!

After this post reaches payout we will review the designs and get @yunayuna to create your design for Unsung Hero. Then when we announce the next competition we will announce the winners and show you what your idea will look like in the game!

Best of luck to everyone!

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For more info about Unsung Hero please click HERE

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Greetings to everyone, that has been a wonderful design, I congratulate @kiokizz for having provided the idea and @yunayuna for such a great design!

On the other hand, here is my idea of what might be the next monster to design, called "Dragon valyrio", inspired by the game of thrones of the " Green Valyrian Fire".


  • made by: Thepredator04

Hello @unsunghero community, I want to be a new participant to submit my design. I have made a drawing of my preference, I hope you like it.

This is "Sharkman".

Thanks for making something awesome (and more chicken like 😂) out of my design @yunayuna 👌

Haahaha,thank you and you are welcome!💜


Congratulations, @kiokizz!
Above is my entry for the next contest! I call it: Mantoid.


I have 0 artistic ability, but wanted to jot this down because I thought it was a cool idea. It’s a mixture of a Briareus from Greek mythology, and a tree ent. Its basically a living tree with a bunch of faces and arms with swords. I call it the Treereus.

How about a shipwreck beach for an area? Too complex/busy?



We like the idea, but already have a shipwreck area. =)

Ohhh I like it!

I have been watching @yunayuna works for a long time which are really admirable

here is my entry.
Area name:Under the cave.
monster name : red bull

Those are really great submissions.

Alternative name for your monster that popped into my head: "Rib-Eye"?

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I know you already have a tree monster, but do you have a spider-web/ectoplasm/alien monster?


That we do not. ;)