[Straw Plays] Dark Souls 3 - Part 1

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The raging starts in this one. After making it through the first part pretty easily last time I was thinking that the game wouldn't be as difficult as I had heard. Well turns out I was wrong. This next part got way more difficult and most of the time I feel like I have absolutely no idea where I am going. I keep getting rekt by these weak dudes that suddenly transform into huge monsters. Not sure how I should defeat them at all. I think it will take some time for me to get really used to the controls as well and stuff like stamina and dodging. I still keep using my potions by mistake so I definitely have some getting used to do. Died something like 20 times this video and the rage started to really hit me around the middle of the video. See ya in the next one where we'll give this another try,

I hope you like the video and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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You kept your cool in that game and thats half the battle
Looking forward to the next one

Yeah haha I did my best.

I want to give you so many tips but I won't. Those transformy bois are so annoying. I always one hit them though. Don't wanna deal with their black goo shit at all.

Hahaa yeah it's probably better if you don't and I just figure it out. Those transformy bois really got to me man I was doing so good until the second one and then I hi him like 0.1 seconds too late and he transformed lol.

21:50 XDD this sneaky fucker waiting for you lmao

lol ye he was totally waiting for me

Dark souls games always scare me to play them, because I know that I will be stressed enough and I do not want to break something hahahh, I remember trying the first one and even in the tutorial I was killed xD, good gameplay bro

Yeah man I have already been close to throwing stuff and breaking everything in my room lol. It takes a lot of patience this game. Thanks I appreciate it!

I played only a little of dark souls 1. watching others rage is fun but for me that game was too hard. so I didn't even try the sequels.

This is the first Dark souls game I am playing and I already feel like it's too hard haha. I'll keep trying though.