Earth2 PART 5: A deeper Dive into raiding and how civilians are going to help

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**Earth2 PART 5: A deeper Dive into raiding and how civilians are going to help

Hi guys, do you want to know how we’re getting more Essence from Raiding other people’s properties? Soon I’ll get another update because meanwhile we got to AUTOMATIC raiding 

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Claiming Essence
Till the middle of March 2023 we could only get Ether (which can be transformed into Essence) by claiming it. All not-claimed Ether would disappear after 48h. This obliged the player-investor to enter the website at least once every second day.

Unstable Ether and Raiding properties
From March on finally after over 2 years, we got some game play. Obviously it will be visualised soon on the platform and our properties in real time, but at the moment it’s static, in order to give us the chance to start to do something. Basically our Ether is getting unstable after 24h and if not claimed, during the 24h-48h period it can be “stolen” by other users.

Once again, especially by users with the larger accounts not only strategies needed to be developed, but choices needed to be made. How many Cydroids need to be built (paid for in essence), how many are managable (while getting hints that soon building Cydroids would not be that easy any more and we’re going to need them for more things); how to choose and repeat (or not) properties to raid, and especially which properties to raid from, considering that there’s not enough time to do it all!!!

This is where **Civilians **come in, we just don’t know when exactly (meanwhile they’re live, I’ll make an update post soon). Civilians would help with the raiding, hold statistics and possibly send out cydroids. We’ve got again something to look forward to, because static raiding is not only getting a bit boring after a while, it’s overall very time consuming, but we stay #alive

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Already the 5th part !LUV

I hope to write a few more, but it wouldn't be bad if I get some more upvotes... Like this it isn't worth the time I'm spending for writing blogs !LUV !LOL !PIZZA

Is it a game on HIVE?? Haha! Cool!!
🥦 !PGM 🥦

Unfortunately it's not !LOL
It's a Play2Earn game but it goes much deeper than the usual ones, even though till now it doesn't look like it... !PIZZA

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